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Good of the Internet

The Internet is a co-operative endeavour that depends on the collaborative participation of competing businesses. The Internet industry is therefore especially reliant on forums which bring together competing interests to deal with issues of technology, standards and self-regulation.

LINX is a neutral, mutually owned organisation of Internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery service providers (CDSPs).

With over 770 members collectively carrying the overwhelming majority of UK Internet traffic, LINX is the largest membership organisation for ISPs and CDSPs in the UK. 

We are an impartial body that reflects and is answerable to the industry as a whole. We were founded to provide services to the internet industry on a neutral basis where this would benefit the industry and the entire Internet community.

As such, we are uniquely well placed to undertake certain activities for the UK Internet industry and the Internet community as a whole.

Our core service is to act as an Internet exchange point (IXP) where ISPs and CDSPs can interconnect their networks and exchange Internet traffic.  LINX also provides certain other technical and collaborative services where to do so benefits the Internet community and does not compete with or privilege any particular member or class. This reduces duplication of costs and aids the finding of consensus where possible.

As one of the world's leading Internet exchange points, LINX aims to provide increasing performance and value for its members and to promote their shared interests.

Areas where we provide services include:

  • The Internet exchange itself.
  • Technical network support services that help to maximise the benefit of the core exchange, such as the "Looking Glass" network route inspection tool.
  • Primary Internet services that help service providers and end users alike, such as root and top level DNS servers and atomic clock based network time servers.
  • Regulatory awareness and analysis to help service providers comply with legal requirements.
  • External representation:
    • To help the media to inform and educate the public on the social worth, potential and challenges of the Internet and the experience of the Internet industry.
    • To help law makers define and implement laws that meet modern needs.
    • To provide officials with a route to speak to the Internet industry, especially in co-ordinating industry support for anti-terrorist and child protection activities.
  • Development of best practice, both in strictly technical areas inherent in the use and operation of the exchange and in 'social-technical' areas such as user privacy, prevention of unsolicited emails and liaison with law enforcement operational personnel.
  • Social networking and peer support for technical network personnel - because when the people who run the networks know each other personally, the processes run more smoothly, best practice experience is shared and industry standards are improved.

LINX makes every effort to avoid:

  • Competing with our members in the supply of services to customers.
  • Taking any policy position on a matter of commercial controversy between members.
  • Doing anything that shows preference or partiality towards any member or its business model.

More generally, LINX acts to fill gaps through collective voluntary co-operation.  We do not act where there is another body better placed to do so or where commercial competition is capable of satisfying the community's requirements.

LINX succeeds because it is dedicated to the broader public good, has a clear recognition of its own limits, and because its neutral, mutually-owned structure carries the support and confidence of its members and of the broader Internet community. The independence, neutrality and community responsibility of LINX are assured by its mutual ownership.

With over 770 members connecting from over 76 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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