Standing for the LINX Board


The LINX Board is currently comprised of an appointed independent Chairman, 6 elected non-executive directors an appointed executive director, the Chief Executive, and 3 further executive directors although Clause 27 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association states that the Board may be comprised of any number of members subject to these restrictions:

  • 27.1.    The Chairman;
  • 27.2.    no less than 3 and no more than 6 Representative Directors;
  • 27.3.    the Chief Executive;
  • 27.4.    no more than three Executive Directors in addition to the Chief Executive;

Clause 28 goes on to define the election and retirement of Board members. Board members (elected, i.e. other than the Chairman and the executive directors) are voted in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Company or can be co-opted by the Board at any time provided the term of the co-opted Board member expires at the next AGM. Board members are retired by rotation every three years but are eligible to restand for election, subject to a limit of nine consecutive years.

In the case of an executive director, their term of office expires when they cease to be an employee of LINX.

LINX Board members agree to abide by the guidance contained in the LINX censure paper.

Standing for Election

Article 42 in the Memorandum and Articles of Association lays out the process of election.

Notice will be given to Members that a Board Election will be taking place following the Annual General Meeting of LINX. A LINX Member who has voting rights is then entitled to nominate a candidate not more than 49 days or less than 28 days before the Annual General Meeting.

The person who has been nominated needs to confirm that they are willing to stand for election within the same time frame.

If submitting via email, this should be addressed to, copied to If submitting by fax, please send your fax to +44 20 7654 3529. The candidate being nominated will need to confirm in writing or by email as above that he/she is willing to be appointed to the Board.

The three documents contained in this section provide more information the on the role of LINX Board. There is a document outlining the specific attributes and requirements of the candidate, plus further documents describing and giving some background to the Roles and Remuneration of LINX Board Members and also the Terms of Reference for LINX Board Members.

Election Platform Guidelines

Candidates are invited to supply an election ‘platform’ (or manifesto). There is no restriction on the length of this, although candidates should note that platforms of excessive length may be counter-productive (as they may not get read). Candidates should consider addressing how they match the published summary of attributes and requirements. Whilst it is clear that a mix of skills is desirable on the Board and unlikely that any candidate will tick all the boxes, it is expected that electors will bear in mind how candidates fit any perceived gaps in the Board.

Platforms should be supplied in HTML format, and LINX will publish on our web-site and promote the URL to members. Platforms received 28 days before the AGM or earlier will be included in the printed voting pack sent to members.

It would be helpful, but it is not mandatory, for candidate platforms to address at least the following issues (but note that this list is not meant to be exhaustive, and candidates are free to structure their platforms in any way that they choose):

  • why you wish to serve on the LINX Board
  • confirmation of your ability to meet the time commitment to LINX Board activities, including (as applicable) any support from your employer in this regard
  • confirmation of your intention to attend all Board and member meetings during your term of office
  • something about any Board-level background or experience that you have
  • address the published list of perceived skills and attributes of a Board member
  • something about your past involvement with LINX
  • some thoughts on the future direction of LINX

In addition, the members of LINX have been asked to submit questions on issues they wish candidates to address. Candidates will be asked to provide answers to these questions and the answers will be included in election packs alongside the candidates’ platforms.

All available platforms will be simultaneously published on the LINX website 28 days before the AGM. Any further platform statements will be added as they are received, and announced to members. Candidates will be able to amend their platforms subsequent to initial publication – anyone wishing to do this should contact LINX staff.

Election Husting Guidelines

A short question and answer session will be held in person on the first day of the LINX meeting. The AGM will be on the second day of the meeting. Voting in the election will open at the AGM. This will give members the opportunity to see the candidates in person or over the LINX meeting webcast. The election will take place fourteen days after the AGM. Online voting will be open for the fourteen days from the AGM to give members who will not be present at the AGM the opportunity wait until they have seen the candidates respond before casting their vote in the ballot.

Any specific questions that members may have for the candidates should be emailed in advance to the LINX CEO at