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SingTel (Europe) Ltd

ASN: 7473

If you are an ISP or Internet Content Provider (ICP) looking for a solution to connect to the Internet community, SingTel has the SingTel Internet Exchange (SingTel IX) service to meet your connectivity needs. SingTel IX has one of the largest Internet backbone (IP transit) networks in Asia Pacific, providing the widest network coverage in the region. Through peering and transit arrangements with more than 120 partners in more than 25 countries in the region, the network helps to keep Internet traffic flow between Asian users and content sites within the region. Coupled with an extensive bandwidth capacity of more than 5.5Gbps to the U.S.A. and Europe, SingTel IX provides an ISP or ICP with a single port access to a high performance network that helps transit the provider's Internet traffic to the rest of the world. SingTel IX (STiX) was the first Internet Exchange service established in the Southeast Asian region and is internationally recognised as a key market player in the Internet industry. SingTel Internet Exchange's mission is to promote the spirit of Internet connectivity among ISPs within the Asia-Pacific region as well as to connect them to the U.S. and the rest of the world. SingTel runs one of the largest Internet backbone networks in Asia-Pacific. With our comprehensive coverage to more than 30 countries in the Middle East, South Asia and Asia-Pacific regions, and extensive multi-gigabit bandwidth to the U.S. Internet Backbone, STiX is well positioned to be the Asia-Pacific's Internet hub and gateway to the world.