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Accounting Policy

This document, detailing the LINX Accounting Policy to be adopted for the current billing period, is updated and published to Members prior to each quarterly invoicing period (that being January, April, July, October).

Billing period commencing: 1st July 2022

This is an updated document, giving the timetable for the 1st July 2022 round of LINX invoices, and the processes that will be used to collect the payments.

As before, the context for this document is two-fold:

  • LINX payment terms are quite strict (30 days) for members electing to be invoiced quarterly in advance
  • There is a strong desire to learn from previous pay rounds and improve the process


When paying in advance, Fees will be due quarterly on the 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, and 1st October of each year, for the quarter starting on that date. The port fees invoiced will be based on the best estimate available when the invoice is prepared, with a correction (credit or debit) for any difference in the actual port fees previously charged. Payment shall either be made within 30 days of the due date, or 60 days – in which case a penalty charge shall be applied to the full amount of the invoice. The penalty charge shall be applied at 8% p.a above the base lending rate of the Bank of England in force at the date of the invoice. Such penalty charges shall be added to the next quarterly invoice issued to the member.

Regarding the option to pay in arrears, see section on direct debit.

Process for the 1st July 2022 payment round

The process and timetable for the 1st July 2022 payment round will be as follows. In this context, ‘due date’ is 1st July 2022, the payment terms being 30 days from that due date. This means all payments should be in the LINX bank account as cleared funds by 30th July 2022 if members wish to avoid late-payment charges.

Enquiries regarding invoices or payment should ONLY be made DIRECT to LINX Accounts Receivable

1st July 2022All invoices despatched by email.
13-17th July 2022General email sent to member accounts contacts including a copy invoice attachment. At this stage, we will specifically ask members that their process for verifying and authorising the invoice has begun, to ensure that there are no technical queries about services or incorrect address/company/contact details, or issues about PURCHASE ORDERS. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that a valid PURCHASE ORDER is in the possession of LINX Finance Department. It is important that an accounts contact is established in all cases.
30th July 2022Late payment charges will now apply to all unpaid invoices. This will be added to the invoice for the January 2022 payment round.
30th July 2022Email reminder sent to member accounts contacts where no payment has been received, copied to contacts on the membership, technical, guardian & noc mailing lists. Where no satisfactory response has been received to email messages, direct telephone contact with named accounts contact will be implemented at this stage.
11th – 15th August 2022Email and telephone contact will continue with members yet to make firm payment arrangements. Direct approach will be made at the LINX member meeting to those in attendance where no payment has been received.
26th – 27th August 2022 Email reminder sent to all members where payment has not yet been received and continued telephone contact – we will ask the members concerned to contact us to discuss the process and to ensure that we understand what is to happen with the payment. The reminder will be sent to all available contacts. We will do our best to follow up non-responsiveness to this reminder, in order to avoid getting to the next stage. and telephone contact will continue with members yet to make firm payment arrangements.
28th – 29th August 2022Member Relations Team will assist in contacting all members who have not yet paid, prior to the breach process detailed below.
August 2022
Formal notice of breach of terms issued to members who have not yet paid. We will expect a member to contact us in response to this within 24 hours, and we will issue a formal notice of disconnection if they do not. Members who respond within 24 hours of the breach notice will be expected to commit to immediate payment (and explain the method) and also to explain what they will do to ensure that the ‘problem’ does not recur in the next and future payment rounds. As with previously established practice, if formal disconnection notices are needed, these will be copied to the membership and ops lists, and 24 hours notice of actual disconnection will be given.

This process is not set in stone, and reasonable judgement will be applied to deal with unusual cases, as necessary. The primary purpose of publishing the timetable in this way is so that everyone is clear about the process, and nobody can then say that they didn’t know or understand what is going to happen. Comments on this, especially improvement suggestions, are welcome – directly to LINX CEO Kurtis Lindqvist, please.

Direct Debit & Standing Order

The complex and time-consuming process discussed here would mostly go away if members sign-up to the direct debit scheme, which also offers cash-flow advantages (since it is billing for LINX services in arrears). At the time of writing, we have 167 members signed up for this, but the number is only climbing very slowly. Some of the larger members are now beginning to sign-up, indicating that it is possible to persuade corporate finance departments to pay by direct debit. Please remember, as a membership organisation, LINX can give a considerable and worthwhile assurance about how the scheme will work, in addition to the standard protection offered by the banks for direct debit customers.

LINX would like to bring to the attention of non-UK members that it is possible to arrange with their bankers a monthly Standing Order payment for an overseas remittance by Telegraphic Transfer(TT). Any member wishing to make use of this facility will be offered the same terms as UK members who pay by direct debit – billing in arrears for LINX services. Please contact the LINX Finance team for further details.

You can download the LINX Direct Debit form, please email or post it back to us when completed.

Closing Remarks

To be absolutely clear, it is not the intention of LINX staff to threaten members with disconnection for non-payment and LINX staff have no authority to do this on their own. The sanction of disconnection exists in the MoU, as indeed it must, but it can only be exercised by the Board.

LINX CEO, Kurtis Lindqvist, has stated that he would personally regard it as quite a failure if we have to apply this sanction. Member co-operation and understanding is clearly needed if we are to keep to this spirit concerning payment.

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