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Service Fees

The fees for LINX services are defined at the LINX EGM which takes place every November. This meeting sets the fees for the next year (January to December).  The service fees for 2018 are shown below. The full Fee Schedule and Services Definition is available in our governance section.

The Membership Fee

All members pay a single membership fee. LINX Membership enables peering connections to multiple peering LANs operated by LINX.

The UK fee is payable at £300 per quarter in advance or monthly in arrears if you have a UK bank account (direct debit) or Euro bank account (standing order).

For those US based members joining our NoVA LAN only, a membership fee of US$500 per quarter applies.

2018 Membership fee £1200 (GBP)

£1200 (GBP)

Public Peering Ports

The basic service taken by our members are the ports to connect to our switches. This allows each member to publicly peer with any other member by mutual agreement. We offer multiple capacities between 100Mb and 100GigE. We also allow link aggregated 1GE and 10GE ports by arrangement.

The fees for ports are as follows:

Prices & Services

Members can connect to multiple LINX peering LANs without needing to pay additional membership fees. All charges shown below are monthly recurring charges.

Monthly Port Fees
LON1 London LON2 London IXManchester IXScotland &
(see note 1)

No charge (£219)

No charge (£97)
No charge (£80)
No charge No charge


£750 £424 £270 No charge [see note 2] $500
(see note 3)

£4230 £2679 £1350 Price on application



1. The first port of this size is at no charge; the indicated price is for second and subsequent ports of this size on the same LINX LAN.

2. 10G port prices at IXScotland and IXCardiff will not be charged in 2018, but is expected that they will apply in 2019.

3. Any member taking a 10GE port at LINX NoVA will not be charged for that port until they are doing more than 1GE of
traffic. In the interest of simplicity and standardisation, traffic will be measured in 5 minute intervals and billing will be
triggered when traffic at the 95th percentile exceeds 1,000Mbps. At this time, the member will be billed for the port as
listed in the service fees.

Please see our service fees page for a full list of fees including membership and cross connect install fees.

Installation Fees

Each port order or port move has an installation charge.

Private Interconnect

You can find further detail of this service on our Private Peering page

Telehouse North, East and West: £1600 per 8 pairs of fibre
Digital Realty, Sovereign House: £3000 per 6 pairs of fibre

These fees are one off charges and include patching between members connected in the same site.

To enable private peering between Telehouse North, Telehouse East and Telehouse West a cross connect is required between the LINX PI ODF in each site.

1 single mode fibre pair between Telehouse North, Telehouse East and Telehouse West:

Install: £1000
Annual recurring charge: £2400

Note that, as with all LINX services, this may not be used as part of your backbone and is reserved for traffic between two members.

Port Congestion

To ensure high quality peering each port is expected to run at no more than 80% utilisation on average. If a port exceeds 80% on average over a month there will be a port congestion charge applied.. LINX staff will endeavour to notify members if they are approaching this utilisation, however members are expected to be aware of their own utilisation using real time usage graphs provided by LINX and their own systems.

Additional Services

Route Server and Time Service

The LINX route server and time service facilities are both provided for members free of charge. For details please see additional services.

With over 770 members connecting from over 76 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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