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LINX EGM 20th November 2018 at 2:30pm

The 2018 LINX EGM is scheduled for 2:30pm on Tuesday 20th November 2018, part of the LINX103 Member Conference. This allows the LINX membership to participate in the governance of LINX by voting on resolutions which affect how the company operates.

Resolutions at the EGM cover:

  • Ratification of the reappointment of the LINX Chairman.
  • Two changes to the LINX MoU – see the consultation.
  • Approval of the LINX fees and budget for 2019.

Voting on the resolutions is open online until 2pm on 20th November. All members’ representatives have been sent details of how to vote and voting codes. If any member has not received a voting email, they should contact the┬áLINX member relations team.

LINX Join the MANRS IXP Programme

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Today the London Internet Exchange announced that it has joined the MANRS IXP Programme and will be supporting the MANRS initiative.

MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) was created by members of the network operator community as an initiative to promote good practices in routing security. Weaknesses in routing security can lead to route leaks, IP address spoofing and even route hijacks, facilitating DDoS, traffic inspection and other security breaches. MANRS provides crucial fixes to reduce the most common routing threats.

MANRS Actions outline simple but concrete actions network operators should take. Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are important partners in the MANRS community. The MANRS Actions were initially designed for network operators, but IXPs can serve as a collaborative focal point to discuss and promote routing security. To address the unique needs and concerns of IXPs, the community created a related but separate set of MANRS actions for participating IXPs.

Malcolm Hutty, Head of Public Affairs at LINX says;

“MANRS is an important initiative for promoting best practices for routing security. LINX is pleased to support it, and to encourage others to follow its guidance, for all our protection”

Andrei Robachevsky from ISOC, which provides organisational support for the MANRS programme, will be presenting at the forthcoming LINX102 member event in Manchester next week.

For more information, please refer to the MANRS website or contact