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Corporate ID Guide

The LINX corporate identity guidelines below define how and where the LINX logo and other identifying marks and descriptions can be used by LINX members and partner organisations.

It is our policy to encourage members to associate themselves with LINX in their press and publicity material, in particular by usage of the LINX logo. This will help increase the value of LINX membership and make it more difficult for non-members to pass themselves off as LINX members. The following rules must be followed in order to achieve a common recognisable association of members with LINX.


The LINX corporate logo below is a registered trademark. It is always used as a complete unit and is never altered from its approved form. Neither the symbol nor the logotype may be used alone except in special situations which must first be approved by LINX.

Any printed marketing or publicity material bearing the LINX brand must be first be approved by LINX before going into production.


In 2015 LINX began using a new brand based on the traditional logo design. The main colours are described as Gold, Black and White but each has a secondary accent colour. The three basic styles are: gold and cyan, black and gold and white and gold.

BLACK - The main brand used for printing on merchandising but is also the main brand for the LINX letterhead. The secondary colour is gold which is used for the dot on the 'X' and also the 'Est.1994' under the main brand.

WHITE - Primarily used on coloured backgrounds in printed material or online documentation and presentations. The secondary colour is gold which is used for the dot on the 'X' and also the 'Est.1994' under the main brand.

In addition we can use single colour versions in black and white.

Main Colour References

The colour references for the LINX brand colours are:


  • CMYK: c=32 m=51 y=100 k=13
  • Pantone 132


  • CMYK: c=100 m=0 y=0 k=0
  • Pantone Process Cyan

Member, Associate & Partner Sub-brands

While not fully developed as yet a series of sub-brands are to be developed for use by members and partners to emphasise their connection with LINX. In most cases these will feature the main product brand with the words Member, Partner and Associate added in a consistent position at an appropriate size.

Sizing & Positioning

Positioning of the LINX corporate signature on the desired page area, whether printed or online, is at the member's own discretion but minimum sizing must be adhered to.

PRINT - The minimum width for printing the main LINX logo is 25mm.

ONLINE - The minimum width for online LINX logos is 100 pixels. Please note that PNG, JPEG and GIF files must not be used for printed marketing literature, only vector EPS files. These are available on request.

Further Advice

For more information on LINX corporate identity issues please call Jeremy Orbell on +44 (0)1733 207705 or 

With over 750 members connecting from over 74 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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