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15th - 16th Aug 2016

The LINX94 member conferencetook place at the ICC in Birmingham on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th August 2016.

Please visit the venue guide for information on the location of the main meeting itself.

Meeting Sponsors

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Alternative and Juniper Networks

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Pure Data Centres


Presentations in PDF format are released here for LINX members when the presentation starts at the LINX meeting.
Videos of the presentations are released here for LINX members a number of days after the meeting.

  • LINX Technology Update 1 (part2)
  • LINX CEO Quarterly Update
  • Platinum Sponsor - Kentik
  • LINX Technology Update 1
  • LINX Technology Update 2
  • Digital Birmingham
  • Member Talk from the BBC
  • LINX Public Affairs Update 1
  • LINX Technology Part 3
  • Sponsor Presentation: Alternative / Virtual1
  • RIPE NCC Update
  • Introduction to new LINX CMO - Kurtis Lindqvist
  • Guest IXP Presentation: France-IX
  • Digital Realty Update
  • Board Governance Update
  • LINX MoU Update
  • Panel Session - CityFibre Presentation
  • Panel Session - B4RN Presentation
  • IXLiverpool
  • LINX Public Affairs Update 2

Pure Data Centres Tour

Pure Data Centres opened their doors for a tour around the new Date Centre inbetween the Monday conference session and the Monday night social commencing at LINX94.


Monday Topic Speaker
10:30 AM Tutorial Session: DWDM technologies, and the challenges that operators face in deploying optical networks

This tutorial will examine DWDM technologies, and the challenges that operators face in deploying optical networks. In addition to explaining the terminology and the characteristics of the fundamental optical building blocks, the presentation will cover the definition and operation of advanced optical functions such as transponding and muxponding, as well as the elements of a disaggregated architecture.

ROADM technology will be explained, and the basics of modulation, including differences between direct detect and coherent optics, will be discussed.

13:00 PM Registration Opens

Light lunch and refreshments plus free wireless connectivity available
14:00 PM Welcome & round-the-room introductions All
14:05 PM Meeting Start

- Housekeeping & agenda bashing

- Review of LINX93 Minutes (Monday)

- Promotion of the sponsors
Richard Petrie
14:15 PM LINX CEO's Quarterly Report
John Souter
14:45 PM Platinum Sponsor Presentation: Kentik
Building Data-Driven Network Operations: The Internet keeps scaling up, and so does the management data needed to understand modern networks. To remain competitive, building data-driven network operations is key. In this talk, we'll explore the big data that modern networks are generating in terms of the scale, speed and variety and why that matters. We'll look at the ways that network operators are tackling big data analytics, the available technologies and their trade-offs. Finally, we'll examine real-world use cases of how access to network data analytics at scale in the arenas of anomaly detection and troubleshooting, DDos detection and mitigation and peering analytics. 
Dan Ellis
15:15 PM LINX Technology (Part 1): CTO and LON2 update Richard PetrieFlemming Heino
15:45 PM Digital Birmingham
"Birmingham's approach on the Big Data economy and how we are
aiming to support SMEs to use Internet of Things and other types of data"
Raj Mack
16:00 PM 30 minute tea break -
16:30 PM LINX Technology (Part 2): Route Server Resilience
This session will cover LINX's policy of having two different
Route-Servers (Quagga and Bird), analysing the pros and cons, and
explaining why LINX believea it is in the best interest of our
membership. Feedback from the membership is welcome

Flemming Heino
16:45 PM Member Technical Talk: BBC
Summer of Sport traffic including Euro2016 and Rio Olympics
Richard Cooper
17:15 PM Reflections on Equinix and TelecityGroup, post takeover Michael Winterson
17:40 PM Public Affairs update (Part 1)
Malcolm Hutty
18:15 PM End of day one of LINX94

Social commences with drinks at the ICC until 19.00.
19:00 PM LINX94 Social Event
The social will be held at a venue close to the ICC and is free to all delegates who attend the LINX94 event in person.Transport will be provided
Tuesday Topic Speaker
09:30 AM Registration Opens -
10:00 AM Welcome & round-the-room introductions All
10:05 AM Meeting Start

- Housekeeping & agenda bashing

- Review of LINX93 Minutes (Tuesday)

- Promotion of the sponsors
Howard Fisher
10:15 AM LINX Technology (Part 3): Projects update Mike Hellers
10:40 AM Gold Sponsor Presentation: Alternative Networks
Humans are overrated: Grasping the nettle of network configuration automation and trying not
to get stung. Virtual1 is a wholesale
network and cloud provider and like many similar organisations has started
along the road to network automation. James Hickman, CTO at Virtual1 will talk
about their experience of handing control of the network over to a single
orchestration solution

James Hickman
10:55 AM RIPE NCC policy update Nigel Titley
11:05 AM
Introduction to new LINX Chief Marketing Officer
Kurtis Lindqvist
11:15 AM 30 minute coffee break -
11:45 AM Guest IXP Presentation:  France-IX
Franck Simon
12:15 PM Digital Realty update

Takeover of LINX's London PoPs at Sovereign House and Bonnington House
Mark Pestridge
12:45 PM Board Governance update Murray Steele
13:00 PM Lunch -
14:00 PM Afternoon session starts Kurtis Lindqvist
14:00 PM Panel session on Fibre rollout
This session will feature a series of short presentations covering the future of fibre rollout in the UK. The panelists will then debate the key issues (fibre
tax, wayleaves, etc.) facing providers investing in fibre in the ground
Featured speakers include Barry Forde (B4RN), Dave Newbold (Gigaclear) plus others
Session Chaired ByBen King
15:15 PM 15 minute coffee break -
15:30 PM Lightning Talk: IX Liverpool update
Prof. Matt Wilson
15:45 PM Public Affairs update (Part 2)
Malcolm Hutty
16:30 PM End of day two of LINX94 -

With over 770 members connecting from over 76 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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