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LINX further strengthens UK Internet

The UK Internet is to be further strengthened as the London Internet Exchange (LINX) announces it is cementing its long-standing relationship with Redbus Interhouse by establishing a new connection point at a third of Redbus Interhouse's London sites.

LINX enables ISPs and content delivery providers to exchange traffic between their networks. The process - known as 'peering' - allows customers of one LINX member to send and receive data from customers of other members. LINX is one of the largest exchanges in the world and handles up to 96 per cent of UK Internet traffic.

LINX's new facilities, at Redbus Interhouse's Meridian Gate, will open in 2006 and will provide the LINX network with greater resiliency and redundancy as well as an increased level of service. LINX now has facilities at all three Redbus Interhouse London sites.

Meridian Gate provides LINX and its members with the very latest world class resilient infrastructure with multiple levels of 24/7 security and stable high-capacity power supplies. In addition, there is a first class fire protection system, in-house support and environmental controls.

LINX is confident that at least ten new members will sign up to peer at the Meridian Gate site within the next year, boosted by the fact it already has five ISPs expressing a strong interest in connecting there. It is expected that almost all the new members will be UK-based companies. LINX currently has 190 members, many of them from overseas.

Vanessa Evans, LINX's sales and marketing manager, said: "Redbus Interhouse already provides vital hosting facilities for two of LINX's six London-based Internet exchange centres and this further strengthens our relationship with them.

"The connection point at Meridian Gate will provide an increased level of service to both new and existing members as well as offering a more resilient network. Ultimately, it is individual Internet users who will benefit from a system which is more robust."

Meridian Gate takes the number of sites at which LINX has peering facilities to seven, all of them in London. LINX operates two separate, but parallel, networks linking all these sites, ensuring peace of mind and high security for its members.

Mike Tobin, CEO of Redbus Interhouse, said: "We view LINX's decision as a great vote of confidence in our services and facilities and we look forward to continuing to support the organisation to deliver its offering to its members, who are also our customers.

"With LINX's presence now in all three of our London sites we see enormous value in strengthening our relationship with them and this reinforces our position as leading colocation providers, enhancing the service we provide our customers." 

Notes to editors:

1. LINX ( is a mutual, not-for-profit organisation whose members include almost all the major UK ISPs and content delivery service providers plus many from the USA, mainland Europe, the Far East and Africa.  Every member of LINX has an equal vote in the management of the organisation's affairs.

2. Up to 96 per cent of the Internet traffic exchanged between ISPs in the UK passes through LINX equipment. 

3. Connection of Internet networks at an IXP such as LINX is known as 'peering'. LINX offers members the option of establishing private one-to-one peering between networks and/or 'public peering' where traffic can potentially be exchanged with any other member linked to the exchange.

4. The Internet traffic at LINX consists of a wide variety of data including website downloads, business information and e-mails.  However, one gigabit is roughly equivalent to 60,000 average email messages - so peak traffic at LINX would now accommodate more than 6 million email messages per second.

With over 770 members connecting from over 76 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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