Some organisations may have questions on what sponsorship of a LINX event entails. This section aims to answer those questions
Q: What roles are typically represented in the room?A: The audience is predominantly comprised of senior technical roles from our member companies. Typical roles are Network Architect, NOC Manager, COO, CTO, Head of IP and Data, Director of Engineering, IP Strategy Manager.

Q: How long is our sponsor presentation slot?

A: Platinum sponsor presentation slots are scheduled to last up to 30 minutes with Gold sessions lasting for 15 minutes, and Silver for 5.

Q: What can we talk about in our presentation?

A: We ask that the presentation is not too sales orientated but is of a subject that would interest the generally technical audience in the room. You may benefit from an element of interactivity to encourage delegates to participate. This is the sponsors choice but it will help to keep the delegates engaged throughout. If you already have a topic in mind please let us know and we can see how it can fit into the structure of the day. We can also advise of minor changes that could work to ensure that you get the most out of sponsoring the event. The earlier we know the subject for the presentation the better as it may be possible to build the agenda around certain presentations.

Q: What is the deadline for providing our presentation for the meeting?

A: LINX prefers to receive final PowerPoint presentations two weeks prior to the conference. This allows us to plan and prepare for webcasting and the viewing of slides online.

Q: As a sponsor, will I have a central position for a display stand?

A: A position for sponsors is made available in the refreshment area which allows you to meet with the delegates during break periods.

Q: What kind of stand material can I bring to the meeting?

A: It would be beneficial if you can let LINX know as early as possible what you would like to bring to an event. In the past, we have had pop-up stands, 3 metre by 2 metre exhibition panels while others have just used a table. Knowledge of your requirements in advance will help us greatly during set up so we can position your stand to maximum effect particularly if you would like to run a demonstration. In terms of delivery, we will arrange for access to be granted from first thing on Monday. Alternative arrangements can be made but again if you can let us know in advance we can speak to the Congress Centre to ensure these are in place. Conference delegates will start arriving from 11:00 am on Monday even though the meeting won’t start until at least two hours afterwards. Some LINX members turn up early and use the facilities and wi-fi to do some work before the conference starts.

Q: Who is responsible for the cost, etc. of the banner display at the conference?

A: If you do not already have a banner you will have to source one yourself. Sponsors generally bring a pop-up stand which is used in the refreshment area with space for a smaller stand on the stage in the main room which is also viewable on the webcast.

Q: How much time would we have in our exhibition space to demo our products, etc.? Is it just the 30 minute coffee time before the conference starts and the afternoon break?

A: Sponsors can run demos throughout the day including all breaks, lunch and even while the event is taking place. The conferences are quite informal and it’s not unusual for attendees to break out for a short while for just such a purpose. Sponsors are required to bring their own equipment if they wish to stage a demo of any kind. The venues provide tables and chairs for you but if anything extra like literature stands or technical equipment is required that will need to be supplied by yourselves.

Q: How early can I arrive to set up on the day of the conference?

A: When bringing exhibition equipment you will be able to access the Congress Centre from approximately 10:00am. There is no specific deadline to arrive or be ready by but as a guide you should be looking at being set up by 11:00-11:30am.

Q: What type of information is included with the pre-list of attendees?

A: The pre-list of attendees is purely names and organisation worked for. We do not distribute contact information to ensure that individuals do not receive unsolicited mail.

Q: How exactly will our company name be associated with the evening social event?

A: We would include sponsor details in sponsorship activity and there will be an opportunity to have a sign at the venue. For some venues signs at the social may be a space issue but you will be informed if this is an issue well in advance.