LINX collaborate with DJs in Tech for LINX109 virtual social

By 26th April 2020 April 29th, 2020 LINX News

LINX understand how important members consider the networking opportunities that come with our member meetings. With more and more conferences being staged online we didn’t want to lose that aspect of our events which is why we have collaborated with DJs in Tech to organise a special online social to go with the upcoming LINX109 virtual member meeting.

DJs In Tech are number of Internet engineers that love to build the Internet, love music, and love to DJ. Their motto is:

“From the Community, for the Community!”

LINX109 is being held from 14:00 BST on Wednesday 6th May. This will include LINX operational updates and regulatory news from the LINX team plus the AGM and Board election. The virtual social will begin at 16:15 BST and will last approximately two hours featuring DJ sets by DJ MT and Mr. Fichtmueller.

DJ MT a.k.a Mark Tinka (SEACOM):
“I enjoy sharing music with others, regardless of their background. Combining my passion for building large-scale Internet networks with music, through entertaining fellow Internet engineers during our conference socials is the ideal way to combine both of these passions, as well as display and bring out different sides of myself and my peers.”

Mr. Fichtmueller a.k.a Rene Fichtmueller (FLEXOPTIX):
“I love the Community, and I live the community. It is important to have DJs from the community. So we can combine hobby and work perfectly and do something good for our colleagues. I’ve played in different clubs in my life, but our community events are just fun and that’s the biggest motivation I´ve to get the DJs in Tech project going.”

The virtual social will be broadcast by live stream on YouTube using the following link:

LINX109 virtual social live stream

LINX109 attendees and the wider Internet community can all tune in and continue to interact online. We encourage all viewers to chat as stream plays out in the YouTube chat box.

Make a Donation

DJ’s In Tech do not charge a fee for their performances at industry conference social events. However, they have launched a fund that aims to facilitate access to education for under-priviledged children in developing continents, namely Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

We are extremely greatful to DJs in Tech for agreeing to perform for us. Please show your appreciation by joining us on the day. If you would like to contribute to the fund please use the donation link below.

Further Information

To learn more about the DJ’s in Tech please visit their Facebook page:

DJ's in Tech Facebook page

For more info on the LINX109 online member meeting, AGM and Board election please go to the event page.

LINX109 Event Page