LINX Newsletter (December 2020)

LINX111 EGM to include Vote on 2021 Service Fees and Articles of Association Changes

LINX is to hold a members only EGM at LINX111, on Tuesday 15th December 2020 at 14:30 GMT.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, the EGM will be via videoconference under the temporary legislation in place. We are looking to ratify this at LINX111 by passing a special resolution to enable future general meetings of the Company to be held virtually if needed, such as under current circumstances.

The EGM will include the three resolutions listed below.

  • RESOLUTION 1 (Special Resolution) approves the adoption of a new version of the LINX Memorandum and Articles of Association – the company’s constitution. The amendment is to enable future general meetings of the Company to be held virtually.
  • RESOLUTION 2 approves the Board remuneration schedule for 2021
  • RESOLUTION 3 approves the LINX fees to be charged to LINX Members for these Services for the period 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021.

At the LINX110 member meeting in November, LINX Chairman Pieter Knook, laid out the format for the EGM which can be viewed in the following video.

LINX members can register for the LINX111 virtual EGM via the link below.

LINX111 EGM Registration

The Big Freeze is Coming!

If you have any queries about the engineering freeze please email or contact our Member Relations team using or calling +44 (0)1733 207777.

LINX Network News

Automation Enabled as LINX Upgrade LON2 OcNOS Software

The LINX Engineering team recently upgraded devices on the secondary peering LAN in London, LON2, to OcNOS version 1.3.8 which now enables them to deliver automation on the Edgecore / IP Infusion disaggregated platform.

Prior to this, LINX have been running a dedicated branch of OcNOS which they had worked on with software partner IP Infusion since the initial POC (proof of concept) with features specific to LINX.  These features have now been merged into the mainline data centre branch of OcNOS and also includes NetConf (Network Configuration Protocol) functionality enabling LINX to utilise NCA (Network Config Automation) across LON2.

To learn more about the technical aspects of the upgrade, please read our blog from LINX Senior Network Engineer, Mark Lloyd.

OcNOS Upgrade Blog

New LINX Route-Server Looking-Glass

The process for replacing the LINX route-server looking-glass with the Alice looking-glass and Birdwatcher has taken some time to achieve since it was first announced in the Summer of 2019. After much needed work on the route-servers to enable RPKI and upgrade the route-servers operating system to Ubuntu work finally started on the Alice looking-glass replacement in February 2020, just as the COVID lock down set in.

To learn more about the work that has been undertaken since please read out technical blog written by Mo Shivji, Senior Network Engineer and Ariel Smutkochorn, Systems Reliability Engineer.

Route Server Looking Glass Blog

Events – Meet with LINX (Virtually)

LINX presents…  The Distinguished Industry Speakers Series

The LINX Presents speaker series has been a great success so far and new presenters continue to be lined up for the coming months. We have another exciting speaker and topic confirmed for December with more to follow in the new year.

Next up will be…

An Introduction to IXPs & Peering Part 2
Thursday 10th December, 10:00am GMT

What is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Part 2! LINX’s Head of Global Engagement, Nurani Nimpuno explains it all.

Registration for both these events are open now either via the links above or through our events section on the LINX website.

LINX Events & Registration

The Distinguished Industry Speaker Series… The Playbacks!

If you were unable to attend any of LINX’s recent Distinguished Industry Speaker webinars, including Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder’s talk on Current Cyber Security Threats and What to Do, and Philip Smith’s Building a Network Remotely in the Pacific During a Pandemic, they are now both available to watch again on our YouTube channel. Why not take a look!

If you have missed any of LINX’s live events or training sessions we make them available to watch again in our Learn with LINX section and LINX YouTube Channel.

Video Tutorials & Webinars

LINX Round Up

LINX Member & Partner News

LINX and Iron Mountain Data Centers Further Extend Partnership with Latest LINX NoVA PoP

LINX and Iron Mountain Data Centers, the storage and information management services company, have announced that LINX NoVA will be installing a switch into the VA-1 Iron Mountain Data Center facility in Northern Virginia, making the facility a full LINX interconnection location.

For more information about Iron Mountain Data Centers, including their VA-1 facility, please read the full press release below.

Iron Mountain Press Release

It has been a big year for LINX NoVA with record traffic figures and plans for a fourth site in Northern Virginia set for fruition in the new year. You can hear more about these exciting developments in the latest LINX podcast, LINXcast, which has interview with Kendra Pignotti.

BICS Become a Diamond LINX ConneXions Reseller Partner

Leading international communications enabler BICS have accelerated their LINX ConneXions Reseller partner status to a Diamond standard, the highest standard, after increasing their traffic and peering capacity. 

Hans Wouters,Product Sales Expert for Capacity & IP at BICS says: “Together, BICS and LINX have advocated on multiple occasions for the importance of peering as a driver towards higher quality network experience. This sentiment has never been more relevant, at a time when remote working has become the norm, and the demand for the highest quality of connectivity must be met.”

BICS Press Release

Industry News Briefing

If you are a LINX member and would be interested being featured in a future edition of the LINX newsletter please email us at

UK Government Unveils New Telecoms Security Law

The UK Government has published a new Telecoms Security Bill, which will require telecoms providers to take appropriate action to meet minimum security standards for their networks and services and limit the damage of any breaches. It also provides the Government with new national security powers to impose controls on telecoms providers’ use of goods, services or facilities supplied by designated high risk vendors.

Ofcom will be given stronger powers to monitor and assess operators’ security and to enforce compliance with the new rules. Companies which fail to comply could face heavy fines of up to ten per cent of turnover or, in the case of a continuing contravention, £100,000 per day.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said the bill “will give the UK one of the toughest telecoms security regimes in the world and allow us to take the action necessary to protect our networks.”

What you may have missed

Traffic Records Broken across the LINX Network

The 10th of November saw a number of traffic records broken across LINX’s peering LANs. The rise in traffic numbers has been attributed to a combination of factors including the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions across the UK, as well as a Call of Duty Warzone game update, a patch for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox Series X console release which included further related day one patches.

The LON1 network hit 4.90 terabits per second (Tbps), LINX Manchester reached 174.13 gigabits per second (Gbps) while LINX Wales topped 1.53Gbps. Elsewhere on this day LINX Scotland saw a jump up to 4.72Gbps while JEDIX peaked at 5.12Gbps resulting in a new maximum traffic peak across the entire LINX network of 5.71Tbps.

You can view LINX’s public exchange stats on the LINX Portal.

LINX Traffic Stats

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