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Partnership Programme

Our partnership programme establishes formal links between LINX and a variety of other organisations with which we and our members have dealings. This document outlines the contractual relationship between LINX and its partners.

[Version 2.0, dated 20 January 2004]


  1. Definitions
  2. Background
  3. Benefits to LINX
  4. Rights of Partners
  5. Partnership Fees
  6. Eligibility
  7. Services to be provided by LINX
  8. Publicity
  9. Confidentiality
  10. Unsolicited Bulk Messaging
  11. Changes
  12. Appendix 1

1 .Definitions

"LINX" means the London Internet Exchange Ltd., Company Registration No. 3137929 whose registered office is 2nd Floor Trinity Court, Trinity Street, Peterborough PE1 1DA, United Kingdom.

“Member” refers to an organisation which has successfully met and continues to meet LINX joining requirements, has signed a copy of the LINX Memorandum of Understanding and is thereby eligible to receive LINX services under the terms of theLINX Memorandum of Understanding.

“Partner” refers to any organisation providing LINX with goods and/or services, either directly or on behalf of LINX to its members, which wishes to participate in the LINX partnership programme as detailed in this document.

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2. Background

This programme has been established to:
  1. Provide an opportunity for organisations which supply goods and/or services to LINX, either directly or on behalf of LINX to its members, and either:
  2. wish to contribute and support LINX but do not meet the requirements to become members or otherwise gain little or no value from becoming members, or
  3. are members of LINX and wish to differentiate their status as a service provider to LINX by using the LINX Partner logo in their advertising
  4. Act as a forum for creating new business relationships for these organisations and members and to provide an additional revenue stream for LINX.
  5. Extend the scope of co-operation between LINX, its members and its partners by promoting a wider participation at LINX technical, regulatory and general meetings.
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3. Benefits to LINX

To provide a formal body of companies and organisations that seek to:

  1. Provide LINX and/or the membership of LINX with new product or service streams to enhance their own portfolios of service delivery and improve the cost / quality of ongoing service to their subscribers.
  2. Provide a forum for an exchange of knowledge to increase the potential for membership growth within LINX with industry news and intelligence being accessed through a dedicated channel.
  3. To provide the membership with sponsored events at external and internal meetings, thereby reducing costs of membership.
  4. To assist in projecting to the Internet world a greater awareness and an increased profile of LINX to ensure that the industry acknowledges its status as the largest and most successful Internet exchange point in Europe through an enhanced membership.
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4. Rights of partners

Partners which are not members of LINX do not have ownership or voting rights. They do, however, have the right to attend LINXs general meetings (EGMs and AGMs) as invited guests and to be involved in debates regarding LINX and industry strategy where appropriate.

They may also be involved in sub-committees and task groups which the LINX council may set up from time to time.
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5. Partnership fees

Partners will pay an annual fee of £5,000 due on their acceptance in the partnership programme and annually thereafter. Any LINX member which qualifies as a LINX Partner in accordance with 7 below shall be exempt from partnership fees.

Partnership fees will be reviewed annually by the LINX membership and will be set at each Annual General Meeting.  Any changes to the partnership fees will be announced not less than 30 days before the revised fee comes into effect.

All partnership fees shall be due within 30 days of the invoice date. However, all fees shall be due immediately if any of the following happens:

  1. if the partner is an individual - upon his/her death, or if he or she becomes bankrupt, petitions for bankruptcy, or makes any arrangement with his or her creditors generally, or becomes of unsound mind, or is convicted of any indictable offence concerning fraud or financial irregularity, or of any indictable offence for which he or she is sentenced to a term of imprisonment (excluding suspended sentences unless later put into effect)
  2. if the partner is an organisation - goes into liquidation or administration, makes any arrangement with its creditors generally, or if it petitions to be wound up.

An organisation wishing to cancel its participation in the partnership programme will be required to give at least one months notice.

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6. Eligibility

Any organisation currently providing LINX with goods and/or services and which is willing to accept the commitments to LINX outlined in this document will be eligible to participate in the LINX partnership programme.

LINX partner status can also be awarded to existing LINX members which provide goods and/or services to LINX, either directly or on behalf of LINX to another member.

The LINX council retains the right to veto an application from a LINX partner should they deem it in the best interests of the membership to do so.

Partnership status will be confirmed in writing to organisations which meet the requirements of this programme, have returned a signed copy of these guidelines and paid the annual partnership fee.

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7. Services to be provided by LINX

LINX will provide the following services to partners participating in this programme:

    1. Space within the LINX website in a portal specifically designed for this purpose.  The portal will include:
      • Secure FTP access to enable each partner to keep its pages within this site current.
      • Where appropriate, and with particular reference to colocation facilities, an area detailing combined services that LINX and its partner can offer to the advantage of LINX members/prospective members, eg,  rack space pricing.  This can include an online quotation facility.
      • Special offers and events news will be displayed on the scrolling banner proposed for LINX members only pages.
      • Tracking statistics relating to each individual partners pages providing monthly reports on usage and access to these pages.
    2. Set-up and maintenance of specific mailing lists, by goods and/or services, to forward partners quotation opportunities relevant to their business interests.
    3. Joint prospecting opportunities.  LINX will always ensure that any joint prospecting opportunity pursued with any of its partners will remain confidential to guarantee neutrality and fairness to all partners.
    4. Ad hoc events, seminars, open days and workshops.
    5. Distribution of partner literature with LINX newsletters.
    6. Access to LINX members through LINX meetings and forums and through mailshots which LINX will be responsible for addressing, postage and mailing.  It should be noted that LINX is unable to provide partners with full contact details for any LINX member other than what is provided in the public domain.
    7. Use of the LINX partner logo specifically designed for this programme (see Appendix 1).

8. Publicity

Partners may mention LINX in press releases and publicity material provided that they shall not publish anything which is in any way damaging to LINX, its reputation, its members or other partners. If in any doubt partners should first refer their proposed material to LINX Public Relations .

LINX shall not publish any press releases regarding or referring to a partner unless the text of such a press release has been cleared in writing by that partner, provided that at all times LINX may publish the names of partners and refer to them as such.
LINX shall normally issue a joint press release with each new partner upon it joining, subject to approval of both parties.

Partners may use the LINX partner Logo (Appendix 1) in publicity material and on their website and shall adhere to LINX partner identity guidelines (Appendix 2) for use of this mark. Partners may not use any other LINX logo for the purposes of identifying themselves as a LINX partner.

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9. Confidentiality

Partners have a duty of confidentiality to LINX.  As such, all and any information, not already in the public domain, passed between LINX and partners shall at all times be kept confidential and shall not be passed or revealed to any third party outside of LINX, without the prior written consent of the party to which it relates.

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10. Unsolicited Bulk Messaging

LINX resources may not be used for unsolicited distribution of materials by partners when offering or promoting goods or services to members.  Any and all such distribution must be done in accordance with Section 7.6 above.

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11. Changes

This programme shall only be modified by Ordinary Resolution of the Company in General Meeting and as such will be noted under 16.2.1 of the LINX Memorandum of Understanding “Part of the Agreement and only changeable at a General Meeting”.

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12. Appendix 1

Logo for use with Partnership Programme

LINX partners, having achieved eligibility in accordance with Section 6 of this document, may use the logo below for use in publicity materials, advertising and on their website.




The following text can be used to accompany this logo.  Please note that all text should be in Arial or Helvetica and should be placed either underneath the logo or to the right side of the logo (centred horizontally with the logo) . The text cannot be displayed in part.

"Official Partner of London Internet Exchange Ltd"

With over 770 members connecting from over 76 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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