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Partner FAQs

Can anyone be a ConneXions partner?

Before any network can connect to LINX through the ConneXions programme they must first have already become a member. However, both parts of the process can be completed together.

How many customers can fit on one 10GE port?

In theory it could be as many as 100 if they all connected at 100M but in practice it will be determined by the capacity available and which of the 100M, 250M, 500M and 1GE options already being used.

Can I aggregate multiple 10G ports if required?

Yes, a channel partner will be able to aggregate 10G ports and traffic will be balanced between them.

Can I order different sized reseller ports? We can offer 1G, 10G and 100G reseller ports dependant on location.

London Juniper - 10G or 100G
London Extreme - 10G
IXManchester - 1G or 10G
IXScotland - 1G or 10G
LINX NoVA - 10G or 100G
Cardiff - 1G or 10G

Is there an installation fee?

There will be an initial cost to the channel partner to set up their reseller port dependent on location.

As a channel partner can I use the port for my own connection to the LINX peering LAN?

Yes. A channel partner can use the connection port for their own traffic. However, a channel partner must be a LINX member and be able to demonstrate peering before they can be part of the ConneXions programme. Please contact us for more information.

What tools are available to assist in troubleshooting member problems?

Channel partners will have full access to the ops and ops-announce mailing lists as will members. There are configuration and route server guides and support contacts available through the website.

Member FAQs

How do we connect?

Just speak to your chosen channel partner who will do everything for you. That is one of the major benefits of the scheme as the channel partner will be offering a one-stop solution.

Do I have to have equipment in London?

No. The beauty of the programme is that you can connect remotely.

Will I still be a proper LINX member?

Yes. You have full voting rights and equal status with every other LINX member.

Is there an installation fee?

There will be an initial cost to the channel partner to set up their reseller port but LINX will not charge a member joining through a channel partner any install fees. However, they may get charged install fees by the carrier.

Do we have to sign loads of paperwork before we can connect?

No. As a member you only have to sign a copy of the membership agreement.

Is there a contract length to being a LINX member?

There is no contract length to being a LINX member but a 30 day notice period is required when cancelling. Please note that the channel partner may implement their own minimum terms.

Can I easily upgrade the bandwidth?

Yes. A member just needs to work with its channel partner to increase its VLAN capacity. For a channel partner wanting to take another reseller port they should make an additional port order with LINX.

Do you provide template configurations?

Not at this stage but we are looking into how this can be done in future.

Can I buy the connectivity from multiple partners/providers at the same time for resiliency reasons?

Yes. LINX encourages resiliency and in time you will get VLANS on both LANS.

Who do I call in case of problems?

For a member the first line of support will be your channel partner. If you are a channel partner you would raise support tickets with LINX in the normal manner.

Does LINX provide a list of recommended partners?

We will provide a list of all channel partners but as an independent, mutual organisation, LINX will not recommend one partner over another.

Can I still use the router servers?

We actively the encourage the use of the route servers and as a member you would be required to connect to the router collector.

Can I move my connection to a different partner without having to renumber?

Yes. This is as straightforward as a normal port move for an organisation connecting directly. So the only restrictions are those your supplier may impose.

Does LINX provide a round trip time guarantee?

No. LINX is only responsible for anything inside the network. Anything that happens from the port connection back is the responsibility of the channel partner.

With over 770 members connecting from over 76 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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