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Package Options & Pricing

  • The 1GigE Option requires no payment up front.
  • The 10GigE Option requires no payment up front.
  • The 100GigE Option requires 50% of the standard port fees to be paid upfront. In exchange, partners get 50% discount on member ports


Port fees below include the 2016 mid-year price reduction, effective from 1st August 2016.

Port SizeLON1LON2IXManchesterIX Scotland & IXCardiffLINX NoVA
1Gb (see note 1)No charge (see note 2) [GBP £219]No charge (see note 2) [GBP £97]No charge (see note 2) [£97]No charge (see note 3)No charge (see note 3)
10Gb GBP £834GBP £424GBP £424No charge (see note 4)USD $1000 (see note 5)
100GbGBP £5288GBP £2679GBP £2679POA (see note 7)POA (see note 7)


1. All new sub 10GE ports will be provided as 1GE; smaller port sizes are now deprecated and no new ones will be supplied, unless connecting via a ConneXions partner.
2. The first port of this size is at no charge; the indicated price in [square brackets] is for second and subsequent ports of this size on the same LAN.
3. We will eventually use the same approach for 1GE port prices at IXScotland, IXCardiff and LINX NoVA as we do for IXManchester, but this will not apply in 2016.
4. We will eventually charge the same price for 10GE ports at IXScotland and IXCardiff as we do for IXManchester, but this will not apply in 2016.
5. Any member taking a 10GE port at LINX NoVA will not be charged for that port until they are doing more than 1Gb of traffic. In the interest of simplicity and standardisation, traffic will be measured in 5 minute intervals and billing will be triggered when traffic at the 95th percentile exceeds 1,000Mbps. At this time, the member will be billed for the port as listed in the service fees less any promotional discounts. Ports will be charged at 50% of list price.
6. All members can connect to any LAN for no further membership fee.
7. 100GE availability is limited dependent on location. Please enquire at

Please enquire at 

With over 750 members connecting from over 75 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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