What is vPoPs?

vPoPs (a Virtual PoP) is a datacentre which can provide connections to a LINX Peering LAN. These connections are either provided via a LINX approved Layer-2 carrier (Branded vPoP) or via a resilient DWDM connection (Transmission vPoP). A LINX virtual PoP can be located anywhere in the world where LINX has a member and there’s a potential for more.

The Basics

There are two different ways a data centre could become a LINX PoP; a Transmission PoP and also as a Branded PoP.

Transmission PoP

A Transmission PoP is based at a neutral data centre operating within a defined range but packets are not switched there but sent to a switching PoP instead.


Onsite ODF
Optical transport layer to the identified LINX LANs
Transport paid on a sliding scale based on the members present but caveats present to manage existing port revenues

Branded PoP

The basic vPoP solution is a neutral data centre but with no defined range. The data centre has full responsibility over the member connection but there is no resiliency available.


Connectivity to a full LINX PoP via an authorised third party LINX Partner
No space or power requirements
Commitment to marketing activity and anticipated performance levels

For more information:
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