25 Years of the London Internet Exchange

The London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world’s biggest and longest established Internet exchange points, is celebrating its 25th anniversary year. From small beginnings in East London the exchange has grown into an Internet powerhouse with traffic being passed over multiple sites by over 900 member ASNs from over 80 territories.

LINX was formed when pioneering ISPs (Demon Internet, BT, PIPEX, and UKNET – along with the UKERNA, now Ja.net) started linking their UK networks together. The reason they did this was to avoid paying high transatlantic bandwidth costs and to reduce the time delay which was involved when they had to route their data across the Atlantic to the US and back.
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Take a look at our 25th anniversary film and click on the photos to view more of the action from our birthday celebrations.

At i3D.net we greatly value the cooperation we have with LINX. The London Internet Exchange enables us to serve our customers the low latency connections they need, making us one of the leading providers of global low latency solutions. Thank you for everything you've done so far! We look forward to the next 25 years!