VueTel Italia



Peering Policy URL*:

Peering Policy*:


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IPv4 Address IPv6 Address MAC Address Location Switch Port Type Multicast Network e8ed.f32e.2549 Telehouse North edge4-thn ge-7/1/4 1000 No London Juniper b4a4.e392.6891 Telehouse North switch34 49 1000 No London Extreme e8ed.f32e.2549 Telehouse North edge4-thn ge-8/0/1 1000 No London Juniper

* These fields are populated from information in the PeeringDB. LINX extends its thanks to the PeeringDB community and admins for permission to use this information. Peering networks are invited to register themselves on the PeeringDB to facilitate the exchange of information related to Peering. If these fields are blank then the information is not in PeeringDB or the member is not registered in PeeringDB for the ASN.