LINX Incentive Terms & Conditions

This incentive is available on all LINX LANs, excluding JEDIX. There are two situations that qualify for this incentive;

• Upgrades from one or more 1GE ports to one or more 10GE ports

and / or

• Purchase of additional 100GE ports, whereby a member already has a live 100GE on any LINX LAN.


By placing this order you are committing to a twelve month minimum contract term. The first six months of the term will be free of charge, normal port fees will be charged for the remaining six months.

The free six month period starts when LINX hands over the demarcation point information to the member, or in the case of connections in the Telehouse campus, from when LINX has received the cabling hand-over from Telehouse.

If you need to cancel ports taken under this incentive programme before the expiration of the 12 month minimum contract term, you will have to pay the outstanding fees until the end of the minimum term. Such fees then become payable from the effective date of cancellation.

No port is eligible for multiple free periods under this offer. Accordingly, a port that is upgraded from 1GE to 10GE, receiving 6 months free, is not eligible for a successive 6 months free if it is then upgraded to 100GE. Members may upgrade multiple 1GE ports to 10GE. Each port upgraded on this basis will be subject to a minimum 12 month contract period, the first six months of which will be free of charge in each case. Neither of these offers are valid for ConneXions members, ConneXions partner ports or members migrating from ConneXions to direct connections.

For more information please contact LINX Member Relations team at