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Private Peering

LINX operates a private interconnect service (often referred to as 'PI' or 'PNI') on a separate infrastructure from the public peering LANs. This service is available in selected London sites only.

Using multiple pairs of single mode fibre in a bundle, we can connect a member's rack or patch panel to the central LINX PI ODF. Upon request LINX Engineers are able to connect members together within our PI ODF to create a point-to-point connection. Members are only connected together with mutual agreement between both members. Members who decide to join this service only pay for the initial installation of the fibre bundle. LINX does not charge additional install/setup fees or any recurring charges after installation.

PI Bundle Installation charges:

  • £1600 in Telehouse North, East and West (8 pairs)
  • £3000 in Digital Realty Sovereign House (6 pairs)

Telehouse North 2 - limited time offer

In anticipation of the opening of Telehouse Europe's new North2 data centre facility in London, LINX has been in discussion with Telehouse to negotiate a number of special offers for members. North2 is a large, state-of-the-art data centre spread over six floors with a total 73,400sqm of space. Each rack has an average of 4.5kW of power backed up by Telehouse Europe's owns an on-campus 132kV grid substation. In time LINX will build a full PoP in North2 but the following deals, which will be available for a limited period only, will help facilitate the 'LINX-enabling' of the site.

LINX can provide a private interconnect service from North2 to any of the other Telehouse Docklands buildings at a fixed install price of £3900. These will also incur no recurring cross-connect charges.

Should you have any queries about these services please contact .

Private Interconnect Availability Matrix

This table lists the private interconnect options available from each LINX site

With over 770 members connecting from over 76 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

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