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Closed User Group

Connect to two or more sites, suppliers, partners or customers at the same time – all on private connections that put you in control. Ideal for creating a common environment for your suppliers and partners.

A Closed User Group (CUG) is a method of allowing members to pass traffic between themselves for a specific purpose.
The LINX CUG service is available at LINX in London, LON1 and LON2 and also at LINX Manchester and LINX NoVA.

LINX Closed User Groups

It is available for directly connected LINX members to utilise as well as members connected via a ConneXions Reseller Partner or LINX IXP Partner.

A member may set up or join a closed user group from his peering port, or he may choose to have a separate port for this purpose.

It is a requirement of the service that the member port is configured to support pVLAN services. If the member wishes to access the service from a port that does not currently support pVLAN (Dot1q tagged) services, then the LINX NOC will work with the member to change the configuration of the port accordingly as part of the process.

If members are using a peering port, for the service then the closed user group service will be configured to the specified bandwidth, and the remainder of the bandwidth is available for peering. (For instance, a 10GE port configured with a closed user group service for 1GE will have 9GE available for peering).

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Networks are able to connect using a single physical port or use multiple ports together to create a large single virtual port. Once connected to LINX, networks can setup or remove interconnections to other networks without needing to physically reprovision any circuits.

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