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We’re much more than just the UK’s leading peering community. LINX can also connect you to cloud services, help you create closed user groups and private VLANs, and gain access to colocated infrastructure.

With direct routes between your infrastructure and your most important customers and services, you can manage all your connectivity instances with confidence. Discover the flexibility and transparency of a member-owned organisation, and the reliability of trusting your traffic to critical national infrastructure.

Mutual Not for Profit

Because LINX is a mutual non-profit company it can give members the best prices as there are no share holders to please. This ensures that all members are treated equally, get the best possible value for money, and all are quoted the same fees which are made public on our website. We reduce our port fees year on year and invest in the best technical set up for our members benefit.

World Class Engineering

With first class engineering and a 24/7 on call NOC team we make our members satisfaction our priority.

Check out our Technical Blogs to see what the team have been working on.

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Unique Network ASNs

You have the opportunity to peer with the most unique ASNs in the world with a single connection to LINX in London. Some networks join LINX for this reason alone.

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Public Affairs

Our public affairs services exists to obtain advance warning of public policy developments that could affect LINX members and the Internet community as a whole; to inform our members about important policy developments at a time when it is still possible to influence them; and to educate, inform and influence regulators and legislators.

LINX Public Affairs Service

Membership IXP

Our members are a key part of our organisation. Joining LINX means becoming a part of this unique community. We host three member events each year where members come together to knowledge share, network and take in our agenda of industry presentations.

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Uniting Networks. Igniting the Internet

As a not-for-profit organisation, we focus on investing our service and membership fees into strengthening all LINX network services. This ensures that our infrastructure is as up to date as possible and that we remain at the forefront of the IXP industry. By doing so, we can confidently provide our members with improved network performance, low latency and more control.

Not only do we believe it to be fundamental that LINX is able to provide a robust network with first-class engineering support, but also that the membership has confidence in our being able to represent them on matters of public policy.

By doing so, we are not only working for the benefit of our members, but also for the good of the Internet as a whole. Doing this has led us to become an extremely well regarded organisation, with new members finding that once they have joined us they have improved their own recognition within the industry.

History of LINX
An Introduction to Peering

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Benefits of Peering

Adding peering and other interconnection services to your network management can considerably improve performance, control and costs.

Being part of an Internet exchange like LINX and peering your network traffic has many benefits;

  • Multiple services and opportunities with a single connection, reaching many networks at once
  • Cost effective solution when compared to other
  • Increased security and redundancy
  • Adds resilience to your network
  • Improves latency, less hops
  • Increases network control of your traffic and its route


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