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Microsoft Azure Peering Service

Get a direct connection to Microsoft cloud services though our leading peering infrastructure, bypassing the public internet for direct, low-latency access to your Microsoft services.

Microsoft Azure Peering Service

When you run vital business applications in the cloud, direct access to your cloud provider’s infrastructure is vital. Without it, you run the risk of high latency, and limited control of how your data moves between your business and your cloud service provider.

Our Microsoft Azure Peering Service provides LINX members with a direct connection to any public Microsoft cloud service, including Microsoft Azure services, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, or any other Microsoft service accessible via the public internet.

By routing direct through LINX’s infrastructure, you get a low latency connection, reliable uptime, and advanced security that simply isn’t possible when using public internet connections. You also get an end-to-end service level agreement (SLA) that covers your peering services, giving you additional peace of mind that your applications are available exactly when you need them.

LINX Microsoft Azure Peering Service ensures all traffic enters and leaves through the nearest Microsoft Edge Point of Presence (PoP) location on the Microsoft Global Network. You also can opt-in to receive additional telemetry data. Served through Microsoft Azure, the service offers latency monitoring and BGP route anomaly detection.

Benefits of LINX Microsoft Azure Peering Service

  • Connect direct to any public Microsoft cloud service
  • Benefit from low latency, reliable uptime, and advanced security
  • Cover your peering services with an end-to-end SLA


Microsoft Azure Peering Service is accessible to any network connected to LINX’s LON1 interconnection platform, with access to 24/7 NOC support as standard.


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