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LINX Cloud Connect

Get secure, low-latency, direct connections to Microsoft, AWS and Google cloud services to help maintain reliable access to business-critical applications.

Having, fast, reliable, and secure access to cloud applications is no longer just nice to have, it’s a business-critical necessity. And while most cloud services are available through public internet channels, few offer the levels of security and low-latency required for modern working.

With LINX Cloud Connect, you get direct access to all Microsoft, AWS, and Google cloud services through our existing network infrastructure. It gives you a low latency connection, reliable uptime, and greater control of your traffic – benefits that aren’t consistently achievable using public internet connections.

Benefits of LINX Cloud Connect

  • Connect direct to Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud services
  • Benefit from low latency
  • Gain reliable uptime
  • Achieve greater traffic control
  • Access your business-critical applications through one of the world’s leading peering infrastructure providers

LINX Cloud Connect services are currently only available on LON1.

Microsoft ExpressRoute

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute gives you private connections between your infrastructure and Microsoft Azure Datacentres – including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 services through the LINX Network Fabric.

AWS DirectConnect

AWS DirectConnect allows you to directly access AWS cloud services without routing

through the public internet – offering all the benefits of LINX Cloud Connect.

Google Cloud Interconnect

Google Cloud Interconnect allows you to establish a direct Layer2 connection between your on-premises infrastructure and your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) through the LINX Network Fabric.

Microsoft Azure Peering Service

Is this Service for You?

More and more businesses are adding cloud based compute or storage solutions to their internal infrastructure.

There are different methods of establishing a direct connection between your internal network and the cloud hosted environments. As business start to rely more and more on the availability and the security of the connection to their cloud environment, the importance of that connection increases constantly.

Our solution does not stop at the connection to your cloud environment. Connecting to the LINX platform opens the door to a whole portfolio of connectivity solutions.

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