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Colocate your infrastructure and connect to the UK’s leading Internet exchange from the same location, plus get a dedicated account manager and rapid response times.

Colocation allows your business to host your server in a third-party environment and share their bandwidth as your own. Moving your on-premises server into a data centre means that you can leave the time and cost of maintaining its environment to your colocation provider.

To help members connect to as many of our exchanges as possible LINX are able to provide space within the exchange data centre. Colocation Services reduce the number of suppliers that a member or potential member has to deal with when connecting to an exchange, thus making the connection process easier. All companies experience an increase in cost in dealing with multiple suppliers, so reducing the number of suppliers is a good thing for everybody.

LINX have also been able to use the collective power of membership to enable members to access partial amounts of rackspace, usually not available for members when directly approaching a data centre. This lowers the cost of entry for members when connecting to an exchange, and makes it more cost efficient when connecting to multiple exchanges.

Colocation Services include rack space, cross connects, remote hands and managed access. It is assumed that the equipment going into these locations will predominantly be switches and routing equipment thus the power requirements quoted are for full racks with 2KW, however higher power requirements can be provided POA.


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Locations Available

LINX colocation services are available at the following sites;

  • LON1 and LON2 – Equinix Slough, Interxion, and Telehouse North, West, North 2
  • LINX Scotland – Pulsant South Gyle
  • LINX Wales – BT Stadium House
  • LINX Manchester – M247


Lead times will vary, but usually you will need to allow between 15-30 days for fulfilment.

Members using the LINX Colocation Service will also require a cross connect from their rack to LINX. For more information regarding cross connects and how to order see reseller cabling below.

  • Reseller cabling is available to members using the LINX Colocation Services
  • Remote hands is a service provided at data centre locations to provide simple technical functions such as powering equipment off and on or visual checks. The service can be ordered through the LINX NOC by members. The individual raising the order has to be registered with LINX as having authority to raise orders . Each individual data centre has their own charging scheme and these are passed through to members from LINX.
  • Security is a high priority when gaining access to data centres. Access to LINX Colocation sites are managed through the NOC. A list of member nominated individuals who require access is held by LINX. Members have to give 24 hours notice before they arrive on site and will need to produce some form of photo-ID.


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