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Our Partners

LINX work with a number of industry partners from global carriers, data centres, strategic partners and also other Internet exchanges. Whichever starting point members choose for their application, they all benefit and enjoy the great same membership experience.

Some of Our Partners
Connect to LINX via a Partner

What is ConneXions?

Benefits of the LINX Partner Programme


The LINX ConneXions Partner Programme is designed to help Network Operators, IT and Managed Service Providers, Data Centres, and other Strategic Partners around the world, add value to their product offerings and scale their businesses through the resale of the London Internet Exchange (LINX).

The newly evolved programme provides our partners with greater access to resources; to help them to market their partnership with LINX, sell LINX ports and membership, integrate LINX services with their own and ultimately, grow their business.

Moving up through the ConneXions Partner Tiers, unlocks new resources with greater levels of support to help our partners develop their working relationship us, whilst achieving new benefits and rewards for their organisation.



How ConneXions Works



  • Channel partner brings customer to LINX on its VLAN
  • Channel partner self-configures the VLAN
  • Member has IPv4 and IPv6 allocation on the VLAN
  • Single MAC address per member VLAN



  • Channel partner provides first line of member support
  • Member must subscribe to LINX mailing lists including ops-announce
  • LINX to provide channel partner support



  • LINX invoice channel partner for all their customer’s LINX services
  • Channel partner has billing relationship with the member
Become a LINX Partner

ConneXions FAQs

Before any network can connect to LINX through the ConneXions programme they must first have already become a member. However, both parts of the process can be completed together.

In theory it could be as many as 100 if they all connected at 100M but in practice it will be determined by the capacity available and which of the 100M, 250M, 500M and 1GE options already being used.

Yes, a channel partner will be able to aggregate 10G ports and traffic will be balanced between them.

We can offer 1G, 10G and 100G reseller ports dependant on location. LON1 – 10G or 100G LOn2 – 10G LINX Manchester – 1G or 10G LINX Scotland – 1G or 10G LINX NoVA – 10G or 100G LINX Wales – 1G or 10G

There will be an initial cost to the channel partner to set up their reseller port dependent on location.

Yes. A channel partner can use the connection port for their own traffic. However, a channel partner must be a LINX member and be able to demonstrate peering before they can be part of the ConneXions programme. Please contact us for more information.

Channel partners will have full access to the ops and ops-announce mailing lists as will members. There are configuration and route server guides and support contacts available through the website.

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