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LINX Award

As a membership organisation, LINX acknowledges that many individuals make significant contributions – either by serving on the LINX Board or other LINX ad-hoc committees/working groups, or in many other ways. These contributions, whilst recognised at the time, have seldom attracted a lasting ‘mark’ of recognition.

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This award scheme is designed to address recognition, in two ways:

  1. It will allow LINX members to nominate individuals who have made a contribution; and that in itself will afford public recognition of the contribution made;
  2. It will enable one individual/team to be recognised as having made a particularly significant contribution – in the form of a small plaque presented at a LINX member meeting.

The award will be presented from time to time, but no more frequently than annually.


Individuals being recognised must normally have made their contribution whilst working for a LINX member, although it is possible for this recognition to be afforded after the individual under nomination has left the member. The exception to the eligibility being restricted to individuals who work for LINX members is for cases of an outside contribution which has nevertheless made a significant contribution to the LINX membership as a whole. This might be in the form of software, services or general contributions to the good of the Internet. Note: serving LINX Board or staff members are not eligible for the award.


The award will be given to the individual or team who, in the opinion of the judging panel, has made the greatest or most notable contribution to the affairs of LINX.


Any LINX member or LINX staff member may nominate an individual, subject to the eligibility criteria. The LINX CEO will call for nominations from members in the autumn of each year, and shall co-ordinate nominations (including those from staff) for consideration by the judging panel.


The judging panel shall be the combined group of the Board and senior management team of LINX. The decision of the judging panel shall be final.


It is expected that all nominees will be given appropriate accolade and recognition, and thatboth this and the presentation of the award will be done at a LINX member meeting. It is not expected that the award will include any kind of monetary prize, and that an appropriate form of plaque to recognise the contribution – together with public presentation – is the appropriate mechanism.

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