Directors Declarations

I am a director and controlling shareholder of NetConnex Ltd and NetConnex Broadband Ltd (a LINX member; AS21396); a charity trustee/director of Social Tech Trust; a director of NCF Services Oy, a company registered in Finland; director and shareholder of Get Webster (Pty) Ltd, a company registered in South Africa, as well as director of its subsidiaries Gridhost (Pty) Ltd and Gridhost Services (Pty) Ltd; director of various LINX subsidiaries.

I am employed by Google UK Ltd, in their Telecoms Strategic Relationships team. Google is supportive of my position on the LINX Board, but to maintain separation of roles, I take unpaid leave from Google to fulfil my LINX Board obligations.

I am a director of LINX member Elite Limited (AS29611) and 4D Data Centres Limited (AS31463), a director of Clear Connect Limited, Monayo (Europe) Ltd, Monayo Limited (Hong Kong) and provide my services to Cogendo, a leading employee performance management platform. In respect of LINX, in the UK I am a director of London Internet Exchange Limited, London Internet Exchange Trading Limited, and in the USA of LINX USA Inc, and LINX America Inc.

I am Deputy Chair at Pulsant.

Neil McRae works for British Telecommunications plc as BT Group Chief Architect and MD Strategy and Architecture. Neil is an advisor to Lumensity.

I am a significant shareholder and director of Mythic Beasts Ltd (AS44684) which also supplies commercial services to LINX. That contract predates my election. My wife is a director of UKNOF which organises events with and receives funding from LINX.

I am a director and controlling shareholder of Internet Technology Advisors Scandinavia Ab, a company registered in Sweden, I am a director and chairman of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX), registered in the Netherlands, and I am a director of European Internet Exchange Association, a company registered in the UK.

I am a director of Internet Services Providers Association, commonly known as ISPA or ISPA UK, a company registered in England number 03155681.

ISPA describes itself as “the UK’s Trade Association for providers of Internet services”. There is material overlap between some of ISPA’s activities and some of LINX’s public affairs activities.

LINX is a member of ISPA. ISPA is not a member of LINX. LINX and ISPA have many members in common.

I am also a director of EuroISPA EEIG, a company registered in Belgium but using the EU rather than Belgian legal structure.

EuroISPA is a pan-European umbrella group representing the interests of Internet services providers to the EU institutions. LINX is a member of EuroISPA, and uses EuroISPA as its primary vehicle for making representations to the EU institutions and opinion-makers in Brussels.

The other members of EuroISPA are other national member associations representing Internet services provides, including ISPA UK. Individual network operators are not directly full voting members of EuroISPA. EuroISPA is not a member of LINX.

I am a director of Net IT Consultancy Limited, which is not trading and has not for some time. This is a legacy firm from 2012 when I and a colleague did some contracting work.