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LINX Scotland

LINX Scotland was set up to help enhance the UK’s internet infrastructure with the aim of keeping traffic local.

LINX Scotland

Keep internet traffic local in Scotland

Home to some of the fastest-growing centres of culture, technology and finance excellence in the UK, Scotland deserves better ways to transfer internet traffic. And that’s exactly what LINX Scotland provides.

LINX Scotland offers peering and interconnectivity services that deliver cost effective, more resilient ways to transfer data to and from Scottish organisations. Join a mutual non-profit interconnectivity provider that can help you achieve cost effective, low-risk data transfer – while keeping your traffic local.

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An important element of global Internet traffic is called ‘peering’, which is usually the settlement-free exchange of traffic between individual service and content providers. LINX was established to facilitate peering, and has done so very successfully for over 25 years. A key element of this is our mutuality – LINX is owned by the entities that it serves.





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Benefits for your network when peering regionally can include;

  • Improved performance
  • Low latency
  • Greater resilience
  • Control of traffic routing



LINX Scotland is located at two sites, Pulsant in South Gyle near Edinburgh, and DataVita Fortis in Airdrie, close to Glasgow.

The sites are interconnected by two diversely routed links. The peering LAN itself is a VPLS instance which ensures fast failover should one of the links fail. LINX Scotland is not connected back to the LINX exchange in London as our mission is to keep Scottish traffic in Scotland.


Why Peer at LINX Scotland?

  • There is a good mix of content providers and access networks present at the exchange
  • Availability metrics achieves greater than the coveted 99.999 % reliability
  • Resilience is a major feature and this is reflected in our topology and our two route servers
  • FREE 1GE port with LINX annual membership


Colocation Services

LINX are able to provide space for members located in the Pulsant South Gyle data centre through its Colocation Resales service. This reduces the number of suppliers that a member or potential member has to deal with when connecting to an exchange, thus making the connection process easier and more cost efficient. Colocation Resales includes rack space, cross connects, remote hands and managed access.

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Some of Our Connected Networks

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A UK telephony, network, infrastructure and applications provider delivering enterprise level services and hosting to businesses worldwide since 2009.

Exascale are a big believer in ‘Hot Potato Routing’ as a concept not only because it economically makes sense, but because traffic is handed off as soon as it is received. This means traffic originating within a particular region is kept within a region and is not being backhauled around their network.

Exascale’s network has been designed with this in-mind so when exchanging traffic in a particular region and they see a peer (not transit) announcing a route locally, regardless if the path is longer, they will hand off the traffic. Instead of backhauling the traffic to another Internet exchange where there may be a shorter path or is preferenced higher.


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Naturally, because of this design their network is ‘Anycast’, they announce all the same addressing on all Internet exchanges with the same AS path length. Exascale try, where possible to deploy Anycast DNS servers and CDNs to keep their traffic as local as possible to the end user.


‘We see LINX as a big power within the ISP Industry/Community, and its assistance with
helping smaller ISPs become established was a huge selling point.’


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