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hSo provides a wholesale service to businesses interested in Connectivity, Voice and Hosting products.Originally operating as Goscomb Technologies, hSo acquired the company in 2013 and is now operating in the wholesale space as hSo. With hSo you get product simplicity, ease of access to services via portals, and competitive prices.

Since our inception in 2000, hSo has greatly expanded its wholesale product range and client bases while maintaining a high quality, value service. We’ve built an international network covering numerous locations in London, Europe and the USA.

We continue to invest in our software tools and in our people to provide you with leading services. We’re constantly growing the network through extensive peering agreements and exchange memberships.

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Recent Posts

12th February 2024

IX-API Drives Innovation in Internet Exchange Standards

By Lynsey Buckingham

Last year saw a landmark year of growth and evolution for the IX-API initiative, a leading player in the...

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6th December 2023

LINX Nairobi – The Installation Process

By Lynsey Buckingham

LINX Nairobi, the new Internet Exchange Point for Kenya is now live!  But what engineering work goes on behind the...

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23rd October 2023

IX-API Version 2.5 Introduced with a Range of Enhanced Interconnection Options

By Lynsey Buckingham

IX-API provides an interface for provisioning key services at multiple Internet Exchanges (IXs). It supports fully end-to-end automated processes and...

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