LINX is a mutual, not-for-profit organisation, owned and governed by its members. This means that we’re motivated by a vision of the world we would like to see for our members and for the wider community – a vision of:
An open community of network operators, interconnecting and passing traffic, to maintain and grow an “Internet for everyone”, all without interferenceIn order to contribute towards bringing about this vision, we make it our mission to:

  • provide world-leading internet exchange points for the mutual benefit of members, that provide increasing performance and value for members;
  • represent the interests of its members in matters of public interest;
  • promote the interests of its members;
  • … all as a membership organisation

If our vision describes the world we want to see, and our mission describes what we do to bring about that world, our values guide and govern how we go about fulfilling our mission.

LINX’s Core Values are:

  • Excellence – we believe in providing world-class engineering and products, top-tier reliability and resilience, brilliant communications and services. “Good enough” is not good enough.
  • Openness – we welcome anyone who would benefit from LINX membership.
  • Transparency – we aim to be as transparent as possible with our members.
  • Mutuality – we are owned and governed by our members.
  • Neutrality – we treat all members fairly, and avoid privileging particular members, groups or business models.

Click on the video below to see LINX’s Head of Public Affairs explaining our Vision, Mission and Values at the LINX88 meeting in January 2015.