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Automation Enabled as LINX Upgrade LON2 OcNOS Software

The LINX Engineering team recently upgraded devices on the secondary peering LAN in London, LON2, to OcNOS version 1.3.8 which now enables them to deliver automation on the Edgecore / IP Infusion disaggregated platform.

Prior to this, LINX have been running a dedicated branch of OcNOS which they had worked on with software partner IP Infusion since the initial POC (proof of concept) with features specific to LINX. These features have now been merged into the mainline data centre branch of OcNOS and also includes NetConf (Network Configuration Protocol) functionality enabling LINX to utilise NCA (Network Config Automation) across LON2.

It’s been just over two years since LINX completed the LON2 network migration to a new disaggregated model using EVPN routing technology on open network hardware. LINX were the first IX in the World to have adopted this network approach.

OcNOS utilises a python library called pyOCNOS to remotely manage/automate switches running OcNOS. The library connects to the device via SSH, reads the device configuration, and produces a diff between the device configuration and one produced either from a text file or string object. The configuration change is then pushed to the device, either by replacing the running device configuration or by merging the change into the current running device configuration, and the change saved.

Utilising the NCA platform developed internally by the LINX Software team, the legacy NCA1 tool will be used for all replace functions, for example, initial member provisioning and ISL commissioning, whilst the new NCA2 tool, which enables changes to be deployed significantly quicker, will be used for all merge functions, for instance, mac swap operations.

Written by LINX Principal Network Engineer, Mark Lloyd


OcNOS is a robust, programmable and innovative operating system, featuring a single software image that runs across the entire portfolio of Open Compute platforms from leading network device vendors. This guarantees consistent operations, workflow automation and high availability.



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