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Core ISL Upgrades for LON1

The LINX engineering team have upgraded the ISL (inter-switching-link) capacity at the  Telehouse North (THN) and West (THW) locations on our LON1 London network. 

These ISLs provide fast, secure and low latency links for our members when inter-connecting between Telehouse sites.  

The team have upgraded the capacity on the ISLs from Telehouse North to West from 8 x 100G to 12 x 100G. Also, the THN intra-site capacity has been upgraded from 12x100G to 16x100G and THW intra-site capacity from 12x100G to 16x100G.  

This upgrade was needed due to the large amount of traffic passing between the Telehouse sites, peaks of over 700G being hit on the THN to THW route alone on the LINX LON1 platform.  

Completing this upgrade means that we have additional capacity and not reaching any limits where member traffic may have been dropped in the event of a failure.  

LON1 in London remains a key location for global networks to peer and interconnect. Last month the entire LINX network reached a new traffic peak of 6.05 Terabits per second with a new maximum peak also occurring on LON1 as this platform alone reached 5.17Tbps. 


Mark Lloyd, Principal Network Engineer

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