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Empowering LINX Members with Self-Service Hybrid Automation

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the Self-Service functionality within the Member Portal. Self Service Hybrid Automation (SSHA) is extending the functionality to Port access and Peering Services.

Building on the foundation of our existing portal automation, this enhancement allows members to not only order services but also make essential edits such as upgrades, downgrades, or location moves and service cancellations, ensuring a flexible and adaptive approach to their LINX services.

This feature significantly streamlines the process, offering a greater level of convenience for our members.

Our 24/7 NOC still oversees the provisioning of any new, edited or cancelled services made via our SSHA offering and will take over any steps that require manual processing before passing it back to our Automation platform. Our NOC team has full visibility throughout, allowing them to check for any errors in the ordering process.

Updates and notifications will be sent to both parties, providing real-time information about the status of service provisioning. In addition, the latest status of an order can also be seen at any time in the Member Portal

The introduction of the enhanced Self-Service Hybrid Automation system marks a significant milestone in developing solutions tailored to member empowerment and service efficiency. In addition to enabling Self-Service for logical service, SSHA now extends this to orders that include physical ports and is an important part of our automation roadmap.

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