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Excess Charges

Port Congestion

If the Average Measured Traffic (AMT) on any port exceeds 80% or more of the port capacity, this charge – equal to the standard monthly port fee – will be levied in addition to all other fees. The Average Measured Traffic for a port is calculated by dividing the number of bits passed through the port by the number of seconds in the measurement period (a month).Traffic in and out of the port (based only on intervals where measurement data is available and valid) is measured separately to produce two average values, and the AMT is the higher of these two averages, measured in Mbits/second or fractions thereof.

Support & Onsite

Members requiring engineering support and onsite attendance from LINX staff, in excess of that deemed reasonable, may be liable for this excess charge which will also apply to any member who fails to arrive onsite for a pre-arranged appointment. The charge is GBP £1000 per instance.

Late Payment

In accordance with clause 7.2 of LINX MoU, any member whose invoice remains unpaid after 60 (sixty) days from the invoice date, may be liable for this charge to cover
handling and administrative costs incurred by LINX in the collection of outstanding monies. The charge is GBP £500 per instance.

Direct Debit Failure

In accordance with clause 7.3 of LINX MoU, any member who pays their fees using the LINX Direct Debit facility and whose payment is refused by their bank may be liable for
this charge to cover handling and administrative costs incurred by LINX. The charge is GBP £10 per instance.

Fibre Services (non LINX PI)

Sourcing, provisioning, installation and maintenance of singlemode fibre between Member equipment in any facility including cross connects (if required) from fibre contractor’s ODF to Member equipment (if required). This Service is provided subject to LINX Fibre Terms of Service from time to time in force.

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