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How are members notified about AGMs and EGMs?

Three weeks before the AGM or EGM an email will be sent to the two mailing lists and It is a requirement that all members receive and read emails to these mailing lists, so someone in your organisation should be seeing this. If that’s not the case, please contact LINX Member Relations.

At the same time, the formal notice of the AGM or EGM will be uploaded to the LINX website. When the LINX Quarterly Meeting is announced, there will be a link to the AGM or EGM notice embedded in the LINX Meeting agenda. The AGM or EGM formal notice will include links to any resolutions or documents in support of the resolutions. You can see if a LINX Quarterly Meeting has been announced by visiting the LINX home page, which will have a link to the meeting agenda.

Within a few days voting packs will be sent by post and emailed to your Corporate Representatives. The postal copy is sent to the address we have on file for the main Corporate Representative (who we call the “Authoriser”) and email copies are sent to all email addresses we have on file for all Corporate Representatives. The voting packs contain details of the AGM or EGM and a printed voting form plus details of the online voting site. They also contain secure voting codes which you will need to quote to vote online.

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