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How do I vote on a resolution or election at an AGM or EGM?

Most importantly, you must be authorised to vote for your company. To see if you are authorised to vote for your company, visit the Corporate Representation page of the LINX website.

  • At the meeting in person: Please follow the same process for voting online. If you have any difficulties simply ask any member of the LINX staff at the meeting for help. They will also be able to let you use a laptop to access the voting site and vote if you don’t have access to a suitable device at the meeting. You do, however, have the right to vote in person on the resolutions, though we discourage this as it is easier to vote online. But if you do want to vote in person, or have left voting too late for the online process, we will facilitate that using voting cards at the meeting.
  • By proxy at the meeting: You can authorise another member of LINX who will be at the meeting to vote on your behalf as they see fit. Details of how to do this are in the voting packs.
  • By post: The printed voting pack sent to your main Corporate Representative includes a voting paper and a reply paid envelope – valid overseas where countries support this. Simply complete the form and return it in good time in the envelope. Replies must be received by Electoral Reform Services at their Election Centre in London by close of business hours in London the day prior to the meeting. You can only vote in this way on any resolutions – you must vote online in the ballot to elect the Board.
  • Online: Visit the online voting site listed in the voting pack posted or emailed to your company. There you will need to quote the two parts to the voting secure code listed in the voting pack and will then be able to specify your vote. Where there is a significant number of votes, we also allow a “Quick Vote” to vote as the Council recommends in all resolutions with just a single click. Online voting on resolutions closes thirty minutes before the AGM or EGM. Online voting in an election closes at noon on the day two weeks following the day of the AGM.
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