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Using MPLS technology members are able to connect to all LINX LANs via VLANs.

Many of our ConneXions partners will bundle ports with transport, and thus may not list the same rates as for direct connections to LINX LANs. However there is transparency with LINX pricing as all reseller customers are also LINX members. LINX acts as a third party to any agreement between the partner and their customer for services rendered by the partner such as transport and access to other exchange points

There are no installation charges made by LINX for VLAN connections as this is a configuration on an existing reseller port.

Private Interconnect – Intrasite

Installation and maintenance of single-mode (9/125) fibre cables between LINX PI rack and the member rack within the same building, as indicated on the availability matrix. Patch leads not provided. The price for intrasite PI is listed as GBP1600 for Telehouse sites and GBP3000 in Sovereign house

Private Interconnect – Intersite

Installation and maintenance of connectivity between LINX PI ODFs on the Telehouse campus. All services require existing connection to Private Interconnect – Intrasite. Fibre – a pair of single-mode (9/125) fibre between LINX PI racks as indicated on the availability matrix carries an installation charge of GBP1000. An annual fee of GBP2400 also applies

Colocation Services

LINX maintains colocation space to house transmission equipment for members. Please contact sales for details of availability and pricing. Colocation Services are provided subject to LINX Colocation Terms of Service.


Members are able to connect to LINX LON1 and LINX NoVA from partner Internet Exchanges. Our partners will bundle ports with transport, and thus may not list the same rates as for direct connections to LINX LANs

Route Server

LINX operates multilateral route servers on all LINX peering LANs. Use of this service is optional.

Routing Intelligence

Optional service which provides access to Renesys’ Routing Intelligence Interactive – part of the Renesys’ Routing Intelligence Services. This service enables LINX members, who agree to peer a full Internet routing table (IPv4) with Renesys, to monitor evolving routes to their networks in real time as seen from multiple vantage points in the Internet.


LINX will provide members with access to statistics maintained by LINX on traffic levels through each switch port of the member.

Public Affairs Service

This service provides LINX members with regulatory awareness and analysis to help them comply with legal requirements. Acting in members’ best interests, it also provides a two-way route to law makers and officials for consultation

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