Appointing a corporate representative

to vote for your company at a LINX General Meeting

A suitably appointed representative of each LINX Member may cast that Member’s votes at any LINX AGM or EGM in person, or in advance by voting online or by post. Alternatively you can authorise another member to cast your vote for you by sending a written Proxy Form. This may be completed and returned by mail or online.

Representatives voting must be authorised in advance by an authorised Officer of the Member. This can be done online at or by completing and signing a written Corporate Representation Form.

LINX allows your representatives to have one of two sets of rights in this respect. If you have Voter status, you can vote on resolutions or in the ballot to elect Board directors. If you have Authoriser status, you can in addition add or remove Voter or Authoriser status from other representatives of your company. This can be done online or in writing.

But note that in the voting period before an EGM or AGM you should also contact LINX to arrange to make any changes to your registered voters, as you will need updated security codes to be issued to vote online.

You can check the status of your company’s representatives online at If your company has previously submitted a Corporate Representative Form, the details will be shown on the page that is displayed. If not please contact LINX’s member relations team.