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How to Vote at LINX General Meetings

At the AGM in May or the EGM in November

Approximately three weeks before the AGM in May, and the EGM in November, LINX will send voting packs on the resolutions it is asking the membership to consider and approve and, in May only, a ballot paper for the election of LINX Board directors.

You will need to have nominated one or more of your staff to be Corporate Representatives who can vote in the ballot and on the resolutions. LINX will send a printed voting pack and voting emails to your representatives. (Postal packs will only go to your main representatives who LINX terms Authorisers.)

Both the printed voting pack and the voting email contain a pair of voting codes. In order to vote you will need these.

How to Vote

Choose how to vote

You can vote on the resolutions simply by placing Xs in the appropriate boxes, signing and dating the form and returning it in the reply paid envelope supplied.

You can vote on the resolutions in May and November and in the election for new directors in May using the online voting site. Note that you cannot vote by post in the election.

You can vote either by filling in the details on the voting form – pages 2 and 3 of the voting form, or by going to the Vote By Internet site. In either case, your vote will be authenticated by the two part voting code printed on the voting form and quoted in the voting email.

Or simply vote in person on the resolutions by attending the AGM or EGM in London.

Voting by post (resolutions only)

If voting by post, when you have made your selection and voted by placing Xs in the appropriate column against each resolution, signed and dated the form, simply place the whole form in either the supplied reply paid envelope or an envelope addressed to The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW United Kingdom, and post it to arrive before the deadline stated – typically 5pm UK time on the day before the meeting.

Voting on the Resolutions

Simply click against each resolution in the box for how you wish to vote. Then click Next page for a confirmation and again
to cast your vote. You will need to have voted 30 minutes before the time of the meeting – typically by 2pm on a Tuesday.


Need more information?

Voting online

If you go to the online site, there’s a sequence of voting screens to work through:

First the login screen, where you’ll need the voting codes from  your printed voting pack or voting email. Then the main screen, where you’ll see the different voting parts. Simply choose the relevant options in turn, but ignore the “Alternative voting” instructions.

Voting in the Ballot

Use the drop down box by 1st to specify which candidate is your first choice. Follow this with your 2nd choice, 3rd choice etc Only choose as many candidates as you want to vote for. There is no need to make all selections, but you must choose at least one. Finally, click Next page for a confirmation and again to cast your vote

You can vote in the election ballot from the close of the hustings the day before the AGM up to two weeks following the AGM.

Appointing a Corporate Representative

to vote for your company at a LINX General Meeting

A suitably appointed representative of each LINX Member may cast that Member’s votes at any LINX AGM or EGM in person, or in advance by voting online. Alternatively you can authorise another member to cast your vote for you by sending a written Proxy Form. This may be completed and returned by mail or online.

Representatives voting must be authorised in advance by an authorised Officer of the Member. This can be done online in the member/contacts area of the Member Portal or by completing and signing a written Corporate Representation Form.

LINX allows your representatives to have one of two sets of rights in this respect. If you have Voter status, you can vote on resolutions or in the ballot to elect Board directors. If you have Authoriser status, you can in addition add or remove Voter or Authoriser status from other representatives of your company. This can be done online or in writing.

But note that in the voting period before an EGM or AGM you should also contact LINX to arrange to make any changes to your registered voters, as you will need updated security codes to be issued to vote online.

You can also check the status of your company’s representatives over a the Member Portal. If your company has previously submitted a Corporate Representative Form, the details will be shown on the page that is displayed. If not please contact LINX’s member relations team.

Member Portal

Corporate Representation Form


Appointing a Proxy

to vote for your company at a LINX General Meeting

If you don’t want to vote, but do want to let a representative of another member vote on your behalf on the resolutions at the meeting, you can use the alternative instructions. This applies only to resolutions. As online voting in the ballot is now available right up to the close of the two week voting period and proxy votes are no longer offered.

(Note: If it is a representative of your company that will vote on the day, they simply need to be noted formally as a voting representative and turn up to the meeting. No proxy form is needed. See Appointing a Corporate Representative.)

Appoint another LINX Member to vote for you on the resolutions

Put the name of the person and of their company as shown, and mark your choice clearly with an X.

You should also put your name and details in the box at the top and sign and date the form.

Return the Corporate Representation form as directed above. Or to do this online, just take the options for Alternative voting instructions on the online form.

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