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LON1 Netmask Change

To enable the ongoing growth of the LINX LON1 peering LAN, the assigned IPv4 network will be changing from to


All members on LINX LON1 will need to reconfigure their peering LAN interface to reflect this change. All current IPv4 addresses will remain unchanged but the netmask will need changing to, mask-length /21.

There will be no changes to the IPv6 addressing.

We ask that members plan to make this change within the following window : Monday 9th May 2022 to Sunday 15th May 2022.

From Monday 16th May 2022 LINX will begin testing to check which interfaces have been updated and we will start actively contacting all members that are not passing this test.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please check the FAQs below or feel free to start a chat request at our member portalopen a ticket or send an email to and our team will be happy to help you.



What configuration needs changing?

All members will need to update their LINX LON1 peering interface to have a mask length of /21 or a netmask of

When should I make this change?

All members should plan to make this change between Monday 9th May 2022 to Sunday 15h May 2022.

How can I check that my updated configuration is correct?

LINX has already moved one of our internal tools-servers into the new range to enable members to test their configuration. if you can ping this address from your LINX LON1 connected router then the change has been made successfully.

What should I do when I have updated my configuration?

If everything has been done correctly and you are able to ping you don’t need to do anything more. After Monday 16th May 2022 testing by LINX will confirm that your interface has been correctly updated.

How will LINX confirm that I have made this change correctly?

LINX will simply use ICMP ping requests from the test tools-server to your LON1 peering LAN interface address. If your interface is configured to not respond to this you should expect the LINX Support team to be in contact to manually confirm that you have made this change.

Will IPv6 be affected?

No. IPv6 is not affected by this change.

Will this cause any reachability issues?

No. LINX will not be assigning any IPv4 addresses from the new range until all members have been confirmed as having updated their configuration. All IPv4 addresses in the current range will remain reachable by all members regardless of whether they have applied an updated configuration or not.

How are new peering services affected?

The LINX Provisioning team will be working with members to make sure that any peering services provisioned from Monday 9th May 2022 are configured with the new netmask.

I didn’t make this change within the requested window, what should I do?

Please go ahead and schedule this change as soon as possible. There is no need to coordinate this change with LINX.




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