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LINX Upgrade Route Server BIRD Software

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) have upgraded all of their UK route servers to BIRD software version 2.13 to ensure better performance and enhanced features for their member networks.

LINX operate Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in London, Manchester, Wales and Scotland and provide options at each location for their members to peer with the LINX route servers as well as arranging direct peering relationships.

Peering with the route servers at LINX comes with no additional cost and provides increased options and redundancy for connectivity, crucial for maintaining network stability.

Mo Shivji, Senior Network Engineer at LINX is leading the BIRD upgrade project.

“The deployment of the latest BIRD software underscores our commitment to providing our members with the best-in-class infrastructure. This upgrade not only enhances the performance and security of our route servers but also sets the stage for future innovations in internet exchange technologies.”

BIRD users appreciate the versatility and speed of the filtering engine, as well as stability, good scalability and resiliency and the latest software boasts further improvements in MPLS, BMP and filters.

Why Peer on the Route Server?

Peering on the route server at internet exchange points offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive option for most networks, especially ISPs, and networks seeking extensive connectivity:

  • Access to a 100s of prefixes instantly.
  • Some networks solely peer via the route server, making it a vital hub for connectivity.
  • They support for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.
  • Serves as a reliable backup for direct peering arrangements.
  • Provides increased options and redundancy in connectivity, crucial for maintaining network stability.
  • NO additional cost

Each LINX exchanges hosts two route servers, employing different software for enhanced redundancy and resilience. One operates using OpenBGPD and the other runs the BIRD software.

OpenBGPD, a variant of routing software like BIRD, offers flexibility and diversity in the choice of vendors, contributing to a more robust and adaptable infrastructure. Both are open-source solutions, aligning with LINX’s ethos of promoting transparency and collaboration within the internet community.

The team at LINX plan to extend these upgrades to their other international exchange points in the coming weeks.

Find out more about the LINX route servers;

LINX Route Server Webinar


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