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LON2 Automation Development Project

LINX’s disaggregated LON2 platform came into operation in the summer of 2018 with LINX being the first IXP anywhere in the World to implement such a system. The LON2 architecture, employing EVPN over VXLAN and featuring leaf-spine topology, uses IP Infusion’s OcNOS™ network operating system and switch hardware from Edgecore Networks.

Since then, both LINX and IP Infusion have made considerable effort to provide the same level of automation currently offered in LON1. To speed up and optimise as much as possible the collaboration, at the end of last year we implemented a shared automated testing environment. This is used by IP Infusion and LINX as a common standard to validate OcNOS™ integration readiness with LINX Network Configuration Automation (NCA) platform and to prevent the introduction of regression bugs with any new OcNOS™ version release. This ensures that the automation platform requirements are satisfied as much as the network requirements.

Riccardo Verzeni, Software Manager for LINX says;

LINX and IP Infusion will continue to work together at LON2 automation and will keep the membership fully informed of these developments. In the meantime, if members have any questions regarding the automation system on LON2 please contact us.

We also prototyped a new lightweight version of the NCA platform, which is faster, more scalable, but less comprehensive than the original version. Currently, it is aimed to complement and not fully replace the original NCA platform. It is particularly indicated for handling more efficiently member-facing config changes as well as some corner cases unsuitable for the original platform.

Members, if you have any questions regarding the automation system on LON2 please contact our NOC at



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