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Driving Digital Transformation for the Energy Sector

LINX, BSO and Stelllium Datacenters are working in partnership to provide a digital solution that can securely and efficiently manage, store and transfer large volumes of data for customers within the energy sector.

An increase in the number of internet connected devices and sensors being used in the oilfield has led to a surge in the volume of data being generated. In turn, this is driving demand for high-performance data storage and processing.

Datacentres and ultra-low latency networks, like that offered by BSO, can enable the real-time processing of such data to generate insights that can be shared globally and ultimately improve operational efficiencies.

Halil Kama, Interconnection Specialist for LINX said,

“We are excited to be working with Stellium and BSO to support the energy sector as they plan and evolve into a more digital network setup. By connecting to our interconnection platforms in London, Manchester or Scotland, networks can meet other crucial networks including ISPs and set up direct peering arrangements securely for redundant data transfer. This is a new audience for LINX, but an important one and we feel that working with our partners we can ensure a smooth and future proof transition for these networks.”

Stellium Datacenters which has an office in Aberdeen, is holding a virtual event on Wednesday, 13 April to showcase to oil and gas businesses how datacentres can support data demands at drill sites and onshore. The event is being held in partnership with global infrastructure and connectivity provider BSO and the London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of Europe’s largest internet exchange points.

Attendees to the event, which is titled ‘Utilising Future Networks and Sustainable Colocation to Drive Digital Transformation for the Energy Sector’, will hear first-hand the innovations being created by Stellium, BSO and LINX. Industry leaders will also deliver presentations exploring the goals and challenges facing the energy sector in relation to managing data between international teams, smart working, innovation and meeting green expectations.

Greig Scott, at Stellium and NCL-IX said,

“Having worked within the datacentre and telecommunications industry and being based in Aberdeen for over 15 years, I have seen the challenges faced by energy services companies

in co-locating, connecting and sharing data across hard-to-reach global destinations. The requirement for immediate availability of key data operationally, data transfer locally and internationally and Big Data analysis present significant challenges for the energy sector. The resources, tools, and services of the Stellium, LINX and BSO partnership address these concerns.

“At Stellium, we offer the availability of high-quality, on net Sustainable Datacentre capability and networking. Stellium’s proximity to the UK energy sector and the rich connectivity options available there enable this.

“In this event we will endeavour to explain a new joined up approach for the sector where attendees will have an opportunity to engage directly with industry peers facing the same issues and see first-hand the new innovations being created during this time of digital and green transformation.”

Matthew Lempriere, Head of UK, Asia, Middle-East at BSO said,

“Energy firms require connectivity services to support the transportation of their business critical data to the most remote of locations where fibre is limited and a challenge. With few viable options for connectivity, they need highly sophisticated, bespoke solutions which can involve re-designing their entire telecoms network to integrate with new systems. This is a slow and costly process that can expose the business to performance vulnerabilities. BSO’s global connectivity works “hand in glove” with LINX and Stellium Peering and co-location offerings to provide a comprehensive solution to the Energy sector. We are happy to be jointly hosting this event that is focused specifically on the challenges of this industry.”


For further information about the event and to register click here.


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