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LINXcast Podcast Interview: Sandy McMurty, QTS Data Centers

Business relationships are massively important in the telecommunications industry, especially so for LINX and its data center partners. They play a key role in ensuring that LINX’s 900+ membership base stays connected across its multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) in the UK, and abroad.

In this episode LINXcast host Jez Orbell speaks with Sandy McMurty, Vice President – Connectivity Business Development at QTS Data Centers. It was a great discussion where Sandy talks about his career to date, the history of QTS, and the Northern Virginia region as a communications gateway.

Also discussed were current trends in connectivity, the importance of peering and IXPs like LINX for data centers, and what’s next for Internet infrastructure. How important will collaboration be within our industry to ensure we stay ahead of the curve?

Additional detail on LINX’s partnership with QTS is available on the LINX website if you require further information.

You can learn more about the LINX NoVA exchange in Northern Virginia on our LINX network page. Please read our LINX online newsletter for even more updates on LINX activities.

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