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International Affairs

In addition to the UK and European level, LINX is also active in the international arena, actively participating in intergovernmental forums such as the ITU and the ICANN community processes.


We continue to play an active role within the ICANN community processes with the aim of ensuring that the community can have confidence in ICANN as an institution. This includes ensuring community control and institutional accountability of ICANN, protecting the limited mission and supporting the development of the Independent Review Process (IRP).


We also continue to engage in relevant policy debates at the ITU where we work mostly through partnership with the UK Government and draw on intelligence from the Internet Society (ISOC) as well as the network operator community. The next ITU Plenipotentiary Conference is expected to take place in Bucharest in October 2022.

Malcolm Hutty
LINX Head of Public Affairs

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16th December 2021

IX-API Gains Momentum as Partners Build IX-API Ecosystem

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Last month, the IX-API founders DE-CIX, AMS-IX and LINX organised a virtual consultation workshop for other global IXPs, member...

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2nd December 2021

Simwood Expand LINX Presence to Wales

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Wholesale telecoms carrier, Simwood, have announced a new point of presence in Wales as they extend their network to...

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