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LINX Newsletter (April 2021)


2021 LINX Board Elections: Call For Nominations

It has been announced that an election for two seats on the LINX Board will be held at 2021 LINX Annual General Meeting. The AGM forms part of LINX113 member conference, which will be staged virtually online on Tuesday 25th May. 

If you wish to nominate a candidate, this should be made by email, to arrive by 23:59 BST on Monday 26th April 2021. If submitting by email, this should be addressed to  and copied to Candidates being nominated will need to confirm that they are willing to be appointed to the Board in writing or email, by the same date 26th April 2021 by 23:59 BST.

Details of what is involved in being a member of the LINX Board, including the code of conduct can be found here:

If you wish to stand for the Board and would like to understand the process further, please do not hesitate to contact the Elections Committee (, Bekki Dube (, or any member of the LINX Board. Further details on the 2021 LINX Board election can be found via the link below.

2021 LINX Board Election

A New Maximum Traffic Peak of Over 6Tbps

LINX have hit a new total traffic peak reached a staggering 6.05 Terabits per second with a new maximum peak also occurring on LINX’s primary LAN in London, LON1 as this platform alone reached 5.17Tbps.

The 6.05Tbps peak excludes traffic passed between LINX members using the Private Interconnect service. This service is traditionally popular with larger content networks and is currently used by over 100 LINX members, currently at 887 individual private peering point to point connections, many of which are 100G ports – that’s a lot of additional traffic!

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LINX Network News

LINX Migrate Manchester Internet Exchange to Revolutionary Disaggregated Network

LINX have completed a full network migration at their regional UK interconnection point, LINX Manchester. The aim of the migration project is to shift the current technical set up to the successful disaggregated model, deployed on LINX’s LON2 network in London back in 2018.

LINX were the first Internet exchange in the world to deploy this disaggregated set up on such a large scale, using hardware from Edgecore Networks and software from IP Infusion.

While working on the migration, the LINX team also re-engineered the fibre connection from the newest LINX Manchester PoP, TeleData. TeleData is being made a full site for LINX Manchester with 100G capabilities being enabled. The previous set up for the data centre had a single point of failure with only one connection to an existing LINX Manchester PoP, so LINX are making improvements here, adding diverse fibres to improve the redundancy for networks connecting to the exchange from the TeleData site.

LINX Manchester has over 120 networks connected, a mix of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large content networks. Traffic regularly exceeds 100Gbps and in November last year, the exchange hit a new maximum traffic peak of 174.13Gbps, making LINX Manchester one of the busier exchanges in Europe.


LINX Presents…

Spring Events Programme Focuses on Regional Exchanges

Following on from the success of the LINX Manchester virtual meeting and the Spotlight on LINX Scotland virtual event we turn our attention our other UK regional exchange LINX Wales.

Spotlight on LINX Wales

Wednesday 21st April, 10:00am GMT

Join LINX and our guest speakers for an informative session about our regional IXP and the benefits of regional interconnection in Wales. Speaking at the event will be Richard Sewell & Michael Groves of the Welsh Government, David Sandars of Vantage Data Centers, and Spectrum Internet CTO, Justin Leese.

AfPIF – Homegrown vs. Franchise IXPs Part #2

Tuesday 4th May, 1:00pm UTC

Join our very own Nurani Nimpuno as she attends part 2 of the Virtual Peering Series, Homegrown vs Franchise IXPs. The objective of this session, just like the first, is to provide a balanced discussion on the possible benefits and the drawbacks of the different approaches to the establishment and management of IXPs, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions on what best fits their local peering environment.

LINX Virtual Events… The Playbacks!

Spotlight on LINX Scotland

If you were unable to attend our recent Spotlight on LINX Scotland virtual event it is now available to watch again on our YouTube channel. Introduced by LINX’s Stephen Heron and Terry Carr, the programme covered the following:

  • Data Centre Sustainability and how we reduce the carbon footprint (Mark Butcher, DataVita)
  • Celtic Norse Cable System (Erling Aronsveen, Celtic Norse)
  • James King, Scottish Futures Trust & Host In Scotland (James King)
  • Unlocking the opportunity of Edge for UK Business (Simon Michie, Pulsant
  • Event Close from the Chair of the Steering Committee for LINX Scotland (Charlie Boisseau, Commsworlds)

LINX Round Up

LINX Member & Partner News

Effortless Peering Across Europe With Console Connect

LINX are pleased to welcome Console Connect as a new ConneXions Reseller Partner. In addition to partnering with LINX, Console Connect have also on-boarded with two other of Europe’s largest IXPs – the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), and the Frankfurt Internet Exchange (Frankfurt DE-CIX).

Provisioning Services Through API Facilities

Console Connect users can seamlessly provision services at DE-CIX, LINX and AMS-IX through an open community API that has been designed and developed by the three Internet Exchanges. The IX-API, which was launched on EPF in 2019, provides an interface that supports end-to-end automated processes and enables networks to configure, change and cancel services.

Michael Glynn, Vice President, Digital Automated Innovation at PCCW Global says: “By combining the IX-API with Console Connect’s own API, it has been easier and more efficient to integrate service provisioning on the Console Connect platform across all three Internet Exchanges.”

Leading Global Internet Exchange Operators Collaborate to Strengthen Open Source BGP Implementations

LINX are also collaborating with AMS-IX and DE-CIX​, ​plus Swedish exchange ​Netnod, on the newly founded Route Server Support Foundation (RSSF) project. The aim is to tackle the lack of open source software suitable for high-end mission critical Route Server deployments. The ultimate goal of the cooperation is the improvement of the BGP software diversity and the strengthening of open source BGP implementations.

Industry News Briefing

In our Industry News Briefing we highlight a few of the current news stories relating to the telecoms industry.

If you are a LINX member and would be interested being featured in a future edition of the LINX newsletter please email us at

US Supreme Court sides with Google in long-running Copyright Fight with Oracle

The US Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Google in its long-running copyright battle with rival Oracle, overturning a decision by a lower court and ending a case that has been going on for over ten years, spanning three trials and two separate appeals. In a 6-2 decision, the court ruled that Google did not infringe copyright when it copied parts of Oracle’s Java APIs in its Android operating system as doing so constituted fair use under US law.

Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the decision that “to allow enforcement of Oracle’s copyright here would risk harm to the public” as it would effectively allow Oracle to act as a gatekeeper for software code others wanted to use. “Oracle alone would hold the key,” Breyer wrote. “The result could well prove highly profitable to Oracle (or other firms holding a copyright in computer interfaces)… [but] the lock would interfere with, not further, copyright’s basic creativity objectives.” The court, however, declined to rule on the wider issue of whether APIs themselves are copyrightable

What You May Have Missed

African Networks, Connectivity and Remote Peering with ConneXions Reseller Award Winner Epsilon Telecommunications

As announced in the previous edition of the LINX newsletter the second series two of its podcast, LINXcast, has been launched.

In the most recent episode of LINXcast, we spoke to Nic Blamire, Head of Sales Middle East & Africa at LINX ConneXions Reseller Award winners, Epsilon Telecommunications. Among the topics discussed were the organisation’s business structure, its strategy in Africa, remote peering, the importance of partnerships, plus Epsilon’s plans for the future.

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