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Why Cloud Connect?

The platform that has been the core of the UK internet infrastructure for the last 25 years is now also available for members to establish private or public connections to their preferred cloud providers.

A single connection to the LINX platform can then provide you with direct connectivity between your network and your cloud providers. Fully flexible, evolves as your network and interconnection needs change.

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Have you got cloud hosted services or applications?

More and more businesses are adding cloud based compute or storage solutions to their internal infrastructure.

What do you know about your connection to cloud services?

There are different methods of establishing a direct connection between your internal network and the cloud hosted environments. As business start to rely more and more on the availability and the security of the connection to their cloud environment, the importance of that connection increases constantly.

Are you considering strengthening your connection to the internet?

Our solution does not stop at the connection to your cloud environment. Connecting to the LINX platform opens the door to a whole portfolio of connectivity solutions.

Thinking about how to make your service more consistent to end users?

Our Cloud Partners

At the launch of the service, LINX Cloud Connect allows you to interconnect with the following cloud providers:

Microsoft Express Route

Amazon AWS DirectConnect

Microsoft Azure Peering Service


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