PI- Interconnection Service

LINX Private Interconnect

What is the LINX PI Service?

The LINX PI service offers a unique fast and simple way of establishing a dedicated connection between two LINX members. It provides a simple and cost effective solution for members with significant individual traffic flows to other LINX members.

To use the LINX PI service all a member needs to do is notify LINX of its intentions and to which party the connection is needed. All other aspects of establishing the connection are completely managed by LINX’s great technology team. LINX was one of the first internet exchanges to recognise the need for this service and is able to offer it at a very competitive price. The LINX PI service is available to all members in the Telehouse campus, and in the Digital Realty Sovereign House site.

Why use the LINX PI Service?

Other benefits to members include:
  • LINX manage the end to end process so the member does not have to do the work of negotiating with other members, exchanging technical information and agreeing commercial terms.
  • Use of existing LINX contract reduces member internal administration, means less delay in implementation and easier invoicing
  • The service is easily scalable so additional private interconnects can be added at no extra charge, and in a few days
  • The lack of annual recurring charges make the solution very cost effective
  • The service process is already in place making it easy and convenient for members to use.
  • Well engineered solution – this adds to the speed of implementation but also gives high long term reliability
  • Once live the service is continued to be supported by LINX bringing stability and reliability to the service.
  • With LINX acting as a single point of contact members are saved additional troubleshooting dilemmas, in the unlikely event of a failure.
  • The LINX PI service is managed by LINX thereby eliminating a lot of the complexity associated with other private interconnects.
  • The density of LINX members being present in the competitive London data centre market gives members access to more potential PI partners

Who should use the LINX PI Service?

All members could benefit from using the LINX PI service. It carries no additional charges once it has been set up, making the cost per Mbps of traffic very low. However each member to member PI connection does use a dedicated port on each members router, unlike the single port required to connect to the exchange. This makes it impractical for members to use the LINX PI Service for all of their peering relationships as they need to balance the cost of ports on their router against the cost of the LINX PI service. Thus it is expected that members would not use this service exclusively but in conjunction with connection to the exchange.

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