Private VLAN

Private VLAN

LINX Private VLAN services (PVLAN) are available to members on the LON1 and LON2 networks in London and also at LINX Manchester and LINX NoVA in the US.

Ports can be configured into pVLANs, for peering, and also to allow direct connection between members.

Both members have to have ports capable of supporting pVLAN, these are known as multi-service ports. Multi-service ports are charged at the same rate as regular ports. There is also a small charge for every pVLAN configuration.

  • The service is semi – automated and members can configure pVLANs from the member portal.
  • Using pVLAN allows members to access services directly from each other using the existing LINX infrastructure. This reduces the amount of infrastructure and cross connects needed by members.
linx pVLAN

Order your multi-service port

If you are an existing member interested in ordering a pVLAN then you can either order a new port from LINX for the purpose (please state on the order that you wish to use the pVLAN service) or you can convert your existing port to support pVLAN.

Order Port

How to Order a pVLAN member guide

We have produced a document to help you order your private VLAN.

How to order private VLAN Member guide

Not yet a LINX member?

New members please state that you require a multi-service port when placing an order.